There are Blacks, and There are Niggers…..

December 24, 2008 § 2 Comments


Such a common remark from the nigger fearing white guilt politically correct sheep.  But the truth of the matter is, call them what makes you feel better about yourself, they are all nothing but niggers.  I’ve had to say this time and again and it never fails to get lost in the optimistic dreams of guilt ridden  humans.  For every “Black” family, there is a nigger criminal who brings along more nigger criminals attached to it.  But they’re highly educated!  They are multi talented and risen above the stereotypes!  They hold high political offices!  They can’t ALL be niggers!  Oh yeah?  I am tired of explaining the nigger politicians who have done prison time and the celebrities who prove no amount of money can cure the typical nigger behavioral disorder that forces it to commit crimes.  Jennifer Hudson for instance.  A nigger sow, still a teenaper who was made famous by the nigger loving television garbage American Idol.  Handed all sorts of awards for her singing and Broadway star status, yet her whole family is murdered by angry drug dealers.  Not some second or third cousins either.  Her mother and siblings.  All the money she no doubt pumped into her family from her huge success and still they are involved with violent drug dealing.  Niggers.  Not blacks, but niggers.

That really nice black family that moves onto your block doesn’t frighten you?  Because they are an entire family unit, able to afford a home in your neighborhood.  Drive nice cars and go to work every morning?  Prepare yourself for the family gatherings.  Along comes cousin Anton and his six babies with they big fat momma.  They gaze over the fence and see a gold mine.  A whole neighborhood just begging for their attention.  Next thing you know you have niggers crawling through your windows and raping your daughters and stealing all your shit.  Not that nice Black family mind you, but their cousins, and their boyfriends and girlfriends baby daddies and Uncle Cletus and his friends…..niggers.  So how much better are those supposed blacks when they bring with them a wild family of niggers?  No better, unfortunately.  Am I being unfair to hold their relatives and friends against them?  I don’t think so.  Nobody in my family has been to prison.  Nobody that I even know has been, nor have any relatives or friends.  I challenge anyone to find a nigger who doesn’t have a friend or relative serving hard time.  That is the difference between blacks and niggers—NONE.  You are just as fucked living next door to a black family as you would be living next to niggers because when the dust clears, they are one in the same.  Please don’t forget that.

§ 2 Responses to There are Blacks, and There are Niggers…..

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