Uniggered State Of America…

November 28, 2008 § 2 Comments

Holy fuck what have we done?  The world has taken this ridiculous charade of an election and turned it into a force fed ass munch.  Everything from charities to children’s toys to every type of mind numbing media we see is all dedicated to niggers now.  A visitor from mars might think our country was inhabited primarily by niggers and the rest of us were incidental pets or something.  The assumption that niggers have now been declared acceptable is based solely on the Electoral College, completely ignoring the fact that nearly half of the nations population rejected the silly notion.  This is exactly what I feared would happen. The enabling of nigger entitlement.  The false revelation that we want to see more niggers on our TVs, our places of work (?), or out in public mixing it up with the humans.  It’s as if someone left the gates all opened at the monkey cages at all the zoos!

So what is a Fed Up post without some images to back my observations up?  How about a charity program designed to provide toys for needy children at Christmas time?  It’s a special thing a local newspaper decided to sponsor, sort of like the Marines and their Toys for Tots campaigns.  Only thing is, the newspaper decided we must want to see an irresponsible nigger sow baby machine on the front page of their Thanksgiving Day edition collecting toys from this charity with ear to ear smiles.  Indeed, this slob has pumped out six…count ’em SIX little future inmates to burden society and hold out their paws for more free handouts.  Needy children?  You gotta be fucking kidding me!  Maybe Toys for Tots should be changed to Hysterectomys for Nigger Sows!  Look at the picture…see if you can spot a daddy anywhere.  We all know there are at least six of them somewhere, but we don’t have the good fortune to see any in this happy smiling fambly photo!  What the fuck makes this piece of shit rag newspaper think their readers will view this obvious picture of irresponsibility as a happy joyous occasion?  First thing I saw was six little cum shots that would better serve society had they been shot into the sheets or taken orally.toys-for-welfare-copy

So does my outrage end here?  Not hardly.  I had the misfortune of getting my hands on a flier containing toys made by Fisher Price for children.  As I skimmed the pages, I noticed first some big doll houses.  I saw that the large picture was of a nice big pink McMansion doll house with a cute smiling little blond white girl looking it over and holding a tiny piece of furniture.  To one side however, and not totally unexpectedly I saw a little nigger kid, wiry woolen napp shooting from its head in all directions and standing next to the same massive doll house.  I exhaled with a sigh and went to turn the page when I saw this!  You can actually order either a “caucasian Family” OR an “African-American Fambly” Unbelievable!  I flipped the pages, looking for the Asian or Indian or Middle Eastern families but damn it all to hell, there were none!  Just niggers and whites!  They didn’t even offer our undocumented Hispanic farm worker’s children the opportunity to play in the giant toy house!You want to talk about racism?  This reeks of it, yet, because we now have this overwhelmingly accepted nigger president, it suddenly makes no difference.  Niggers have over night gone from 13% of the population to more than half…according to the evidence presented here!  There are but two choices.  The conditioning of our children as officially taken another step in the wrong direction and nobody even sees it!


OK so I am on a roll now.  Same Fisher Price catalog, different angle.  I turn through to the toys for little boys now and shit from shineola, I strike GOLD!  Anyone been following the recent rash of pirates taking over ships?  Anyone notice these are African Niggers boarding these ships and stealing the bounty? Well lookie here boys and girls.  Seems like Fisher Price has taken to encouraging this new found nigger career by offering toys designed to familiarize little niggers with the fine art of high seas piracy!  I laughed so hard I nearly pissed myself!  Some things even Photoshop doesn’t have to alter to make a point! Arrrrr!


Financial Crisis: Which Came First, The Nigger Or The Egg?

November 23, 2008 § 2 Comments

egg-copyPeople, or should I say Sheeple still insist on blaming “Bush’s failed economic policy” for the disasters on Wall street these past six months. Without sliding into detailed explanations of why this isn’t necessarily true (surprise?) let’s quickly examine a few facts. The past two years, when our economy really began to fail, democraps took control of the House. As we grew closer to the election and the possibility of an inexperienced Chicago Thug gaining access to the White House, the stock market began to plummet. It rose and fell according to the polls. When the Thug was elected, it went into free fall. Now he is telling us that “…it will get much worse before it gets better.” And people are still screaming obscenities at Bush. I’m no big fan of GWB, but let’s face it friends…our nations investors have NO faith in this bullshit change some of you think you can believe in. The change isn’t necessarily for the better, if you haven’t yet figured that out. It never was. If anyone truly wants to know why our economy is in the shape it is in, we need look no further than a contrived hatred for the current administration and the association of one man to an entire party. The Democrats are notoriously failures. Sit back and watch how depressingly right I am. We are fucked in every sense of the word, except of course, the good one. Thanks Obama voters. You got your change…and now that’s all we’ll have left in our retirement accounts when or if it ever ends. Good fucking work, idiots.

Humor is now our only defense against the reality of a nigger president.

November 6, 2008 § 4 Comments



The Suicide Of The United States Of America

November 5, 2008 § 4 Comments

We didn’t need Jack Kervorkian.  We didn’t need muslims in hijacked airplanes.  All we needed was a country full of brainwashed, weak, cowardly, nigger loving liberal morons willing to hand over everything our country has fought to obtain over the past 232 years to a filthy double babbling shoe shine boy in an Armani suit.  I don’t blame the niggers this time.  Niggers will be niggers and cannot be expected to behave like anything but niggers.  No, this travesty is on the backs of humans so enraged by GWB that they could not see past the rhetoricc and hypnotism of a well versed cult leader spewing the teachings of marxist socialist terrorists, convicted felons, and a racist America hating tree ape preacher.  And now with that hatred for republicans, these fucking zombies filled the House with enough democrats to insure what ever this ape in a suit wants he gets, regardless of how many of our constituional rights are forfeited in the process.  This is not a fixable situation now people. This is the cusp of permanent damage to the country we once knew and loved.  And if you’ll have a look around you, half of the humans you will see enthusiastically cast a vote to give up our freedoms for this nigger and his twisted agenda.  The hispanic vote was a huge contributor to this situation as well as the truly disturbed cloudy brained white people.  We have been thoroughly betrayed by our own species in a way that rivals the situation on Tuesday morning, September 11, 2001.  We have indeed witnessed history as is being bantered about on the news media sources.  We have also opened the door to the promised “CHANGE” this nigger has been repeating over and over again for the past two years.  CHANGE he has yet failed to elaborate on beyond the obvious (to those of us who are enlightened and onto his tricky smoke and mirrors routine) associations he holds with socialists and Islam.  WE know what kind of CHANGE he is talking about, but millions of dreamy eyed faithful cultists have no clue.  They still live in the fantasy world of magic niggers and MTV.  Unbelievable to say the least.  But do despair.  The nigger and his nigger loving PC House will endeavor to tie our hands, one freedom at a time and the silly hopeful idiots will hold out their wirst to the binding twine.  We will have the choice.  The perverbial 666 on our foreheads in some symbolistic manner or another, or exile and imprisionment.  Think it can’t happen?  Who will stop it?  Read 1984.  It is the handbook of what is rapidly engulfing our entire existence.  Our society is gone.  Our constitution is nothing more than an old dish rag.  Our ability to control the government that was once employed by us is now gone.  And we have nobody else to thank but ourselves.  America’s suicide was committed yesterday.  Who wants to be the one to explain this fucking mess to our Maker?  Every single one of you who cast a vote for the nigger, that’s who.  And I hope each and every one of you are dealt with in the most viciously brutal fashion and at the hands of niggers.  You deserve every tortuous bit of it.

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