They be fuggen wiff me these heah Werdprest peoples…

October 19, 2008 § 2 Comments

I’m going to have to seek some relief from these cocksuckers at WordPress.  They can’t just accept all forms of opinions and explain they are being FAIR to ALL races.  Instead they choose to harass me by deleting me or making it difficult to maintain my creations here while niggers are free to say and advocate any form of violence against whites they please…with the blessings of WordPress!  Ghetto Bragging Rights is a wordpress blog that has been reported numerous times for it’s violent racist content yet it still exists because, “WordPress doesn’t want to silence controversial opinions but rather encourage creative expression and free speech. ”  So why do they delete my blogs one right after the other with not so much as a courtesy email explaining their double standards and white hating unfairness?  Because we live in a world now of spineless nigger loving garbage that is under the spell of political correctness and fear.  Fear of what is what baffles me.  Fear of what?  Niggers?  What power do niggers actually weild?  Without the likes of WordPress pussies and other self loathing nigger lovers, niggers would be nothing.  I fully expect these writings to be nearing an end with these fucking assholes.  And when it finally does end and this is it’s own website, look out…I won’t be pulling punches like I have been here these past three years and 100,000 plus hits from loyal fans and true blue realist nigger haters.  I fucking hate blogging…I hate supposedly unbiased blog hosts like Blogspot and WordPress for their inept favoritism toward a species that will ultimately bite their hand and help put them right out of business.  I will surely do my part to expose the double standards with actual emails from them that state clearly how they encourage these violent nigger blogs on their service.  Those along with the history of my deletions should paint a pretty good picture of what a bunch of unfair self hating fuckholes these people truly are…

It will soon be goodbye for ever WordPress…I know you THINK you want this, but as they say, be careful what you wish for, you might get it jammed squarely up your tight little asses…faggots.

§ 2 Responses to They be fuggen wiff me these heah Werdprest peoples…

  • Chuck Spears says:

    I smell a nigger in the woodpile here.

    Hey WordPress moderator dudes, why don’t you find the shitskin, monkey employee who keeps deleting these blogs? Deleting them against your own policy I might add – if you truly do want to offer an unbiased soundboard for ALL as you claim.

    Oh, that’s right, it’s because a nigger is like a broken pistol; it doesn’t work and you can’t fire it.

  • myhouse1969 says:

    Intolerant, just keep making backups of your blogs and comments. And just because some affirmative action nigger has deleted some posts, doesn’t mean you can’t keep pasting them.

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