They be fuggen wiff me these heah Werdprest peoples…

October 19, 2008 § 2 Comments

I’m going to have to seek some relief from these cocksuckers at WordPress.  They can’t just accept all forms of opinions and explain they are being FAIR to ALL races.  Instead they choose to harass me by deleting me or making it difficult to maintain my creations here while niggers are free to say and advocate any form of violence against whites they please…with the blessings of WordPress!  Ghetto Bragging Rights is a wordpress blog that has been reported numerous times for it’s violent racist content yet it still exists because, “WordPress doesn’t want to silence controversial opinions but rather encourage creative expression and free speech. ”  So why do they delete my blogs one right after the other with not so much as a courtesy email explaining their double standards and white hating unfairness?  Because we live in a world now of spineless nigger loving garbage that is under the spell of political correctness and fear.  Fear of what is what baffles me.  Fear of what?  Niggers?  What power do niggers actually weild?  Without the likes of WordPress pussies and other self loathing nigger lovers, niggers would be nothing.  I fully expect these writings to be nearing an end with these fucking assholes.  And when it finally does end and this is it’s own website, look out…I won’t be pulling punches like I have been here these past three years and 100,000 plus hits from loyal fans and true blue realist nigger haters.  I fucking hate blogging…I hate supposedly unbiased blog hosts like Blogspot and WordPress for their inept favoritism toward a species that will ultimately bite their hand and help put them right out of business.  I will surely do my part to expose the double standards with actual emails from them that state clearly how they encourage these violent nigger blogs on their service.  Those along with the history of my deletions should paint a pretty good picture of what a bunch of unfair self hating fuckholes these people truly are…

It will soon be goodbye for ever WordPress…I know you THINK you want this, but as they say, be careful what you wish for, you might get it jammed squarely up your tight little asses…faggots.

Nigger Boycotts…

October 17, 2008 § 3 Comments

Quick note to you dumb ass niggers out there…If your pet nigger Osambo is fraudulently elected by dead people and football teams, you will experience real “racism” like you haven’t seen in the history of nigger hating in this country! We already have had more than enough of your unacceptable zoo behavior as it is…when you start thinking you have accomplished something with your boy in office, the hatred will become more venomous and you will find you are treated exactly as you perceive you are treated now only a thousand times more hostile.  There isn’t a nigger alive who will be able to tolerate it and without the hand holding nigger lovers to guide you, your species will soon decline and your status will have you all back in cages where you belong.  And those nigger lovers who kiss your ass will be the first to turn on you…Good Luck niggers and remember…Vote AGAINST Obama.  It will serve you best in the long run,  and save our country the trouble of an all out revolution to put you back where you all came from, chimps and chimpettes!

If I owned a company…any company, why on earth would I react to threats from niggers of nigger boycotts?  I just don’t understand the supposed pressure these niggers put on businesses to get their way when nearly anyone who has to deal with filthy worthless niggers on a daily basis would be thrilled if they all of a sudden decided to go somewhere else.  Imagine no niggers in your store?  No niggers robbing you blind shoplifting your stuff.  No niggers messing up the products on your shelvesNo niggers in your restaurant sending food back three times and finally refusing to pay for it while they demand a free dessert because they were not happy.  Just imagine…no niggers.  Why on earth would that be a problem?  Why do companies ever bother to entertain these threats when the prospect of a nigger boycott should be a welcome event that would undoubtedly produce more profits and higher sales volumes of humans who will come for the nigger free atmosphere!

Companies need to reevaluate their policies of political correctness to determine exactly how much niggers COST to cater to versus a niggerless shopping day.  I’m positive they would be surprised because I’ve got news for all you pretend  little pussy nigger loving fools…NOBODY LIKES NIGGERS.  NOBODY!  And we ALL want them gone, so a boycott is like that surprise present under the Christmas tree with your name on it!  Go ahead niggers…boycott until the cows come home!  Boycott our white businesses   Stay the fuck out of our stores.  Stay home.  Do us all a favor!

They Censor Us Now…Imagine If The Nigger Wins The Presidency?!

October 16, 2008 § 4 Comments

An original Massa Charlie Massa Piece!

So what kind of idiot would vote for a candidate endorsed by this worthless nigger?

October 10, 2008 § 4 Comments

Polls, Niggers, And The Morons That Love Them.

October 3, 2008 § 5 Comments

I decided to post the picture of the filthy classless unfunny whore again because I just like seeing her with a humiliating pig snout.  It looks totally natural doesn’t it? The point of the post however is back on topic.  I watched the VP debate last night between the beloved Sarah Palin and the washed up drunk Joe Biden.  I was anxiously awaiting the foot in mouth move from Biden, but alas, it never came.  He performed almost flawlessly.  I’ve heard the niggers and nigger lovers explain Sarah Palins performance as being the result of preparation, as if that’s a bad thing.  Typical for niggers to fault a good performance on preparation!  They do fail to mention that Biden as well closeted himself away to study too.  But that’s because he is such a professional.  Palin is a rookie so her study was less of a favorable move to the fucking idiots.  As this campaign moves ahead, the behavior of the democrats has become so reprehensible words cannot adequately describe.  How can shit like this be taken seriously, and how on earth can anyone view it and still think this is a sane administration looking to enter our White House?  I just don’t get what the hell is wrong with a society of people who could still support such blatantly dangerous red flags.  This candidate rivals Hitler for the most insane individual ever to reach such a high level of power.

The polls are a mystery too.  Who is making up the people being polled?  Check out this article and judge for yourself.  All of these smoke and mirrors are designed to snatch up the undecided I suspect.  We all know there is no way we could possibly even consider this nigger for Washington, and so are so many retarded people who consider the nigger some sort of Messiah never going to see the reality of reality.  All that’s left to wrap it up are the undecided.  The poor idiots who depend on the media to make up their minds. The lazy suckers who think no matter what happens, everything will be sunny, pretty and clean when it’s all said and done.  The dumb shits who think “my little vote won’t count anyway so uhhhhh, ummmm…eeny meeny myney moe!”  Fucking idiots.  And speaking of which, who can still feel comfortable with pulling a lever for the nigger?  Do people not believe the two books proving his corruption?  Has anyone read them?  Has anyone even read his bullshit fantasies…those autobiography lies?  How on earth can he get more than a few nigger votes is beyond me.  The entire country is out of its fucking mind.

As suggested in the comments that run with this post…Here is Tina Fey.  Lovely isn’t she?

Sandra Barnyard denies issuing Sarah Palin ‘gang rape’ warning…or…ANOTHER pig with lipstick joke!

October 3, 2008 § 3 Comments

It figures that Rosie the PIG would be involved in this horrendous display of poor taste set forth by another confirmed PIG Sandra Barnyard.  The levels these filthy nigger lovers will stoop has no limits.  They know they have absolutely nothing to argue with so they use their traditional low standards to attack and spew violent and disgusting blather about their rivals.  If they can’t censor, they attack like niggers. I really hate it when white people revert to emulating niggers to advance their sick and depraved agendas.  This PIG should fall upon hard times and suffer a life of unending agony for her disgusting behavior.

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