OOO WEE Smell Dat Chickenz!

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Our Very Own Campaign Poster…

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Shoe Shine Boy

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No Niggers 2008!

September 14, 2008 § 2 Comments


I have to say watching the Democrats self destruct following the announcement of Sarah Palin as the Republican VP nominee has been heart warming.  The nigger is in an absolute tail spin and his efforts to speak on his own further damage his campaign.  As the media struggles to defend their previous cult like adoration of the worthless inexperienced racist muslim loving nigger, they can’t help but acknowledge the fact that the public loves the Alaska Governor!  As has always been the case, the media is made up of idiot good for nothing whores anyway, and their support will always be with who ever can gain them more support and ratings.  As they gradually drift away from the steady love-gush for the nigger, he has become irate and his inner chimp is beginning to emerge.  You can hear his voice reverting back to his Ebonic roots as he becomes more enraged and frustrated with his decline in popularity with the press.  Listen to him babble in the video posted below.  That there is a nigger about to ‘splode!

There have been rumors floating that Biden is going to step down so that nigger damage control can step in and tap Hillary for the job after all.  How this could possibly work for the Democrats is beyond me, except perhaps for the stupidity of the average undecided drone voter who needs a hand to be held to accomplish a single original thought.  It would lay before us clear proof of the flip flop decision making the nigger is prone to.  It would deeply insult the Clintons (who cares? But then…) offering Hillary second choice to second place!   How humiliating.  Would she really take such an insult for “the sake of the party” (sounds like a Big Brother line out of Orwells 1984)?  Would it serve the Democrats to show such inability to make up its mind?  I honestly don’t see it happening, but if it does, I’d like to think the American people would be savvy enough to see through their panic stricken campaign and realize these people have no place in our White House running OUR country into the ground.

I certainly hope all of this turn around isn’t happening too soon, as did the overwhelming popularity of the street nigger community organizing tree ape Democrat.  If we were to vote tomorrow, the nigger would be forgotten by Friday.  We would be looking at one of the greatest landslide defeats of the first nigger presidential candidate in the history of the planet, and the message would be loud and clear…We don’t want no stinking apes in OUR WHITE HOUSE! Never have and never will.  Go home Obama.

Uhhhh…ummmmm….policy…uhhhh….ummm. George Bush ummm…uhhh…lipstick….ummmm…pig uhhhh ummm still a pig!

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Hurricane Nigger

September 1, 2008 § 6 Comments

When is the last time anyone saw 24 hour news coverage for two days on Fox and CNN of a hurricane lining up to hit the Carolinas? When do we need to see news story after news story about evacuations of Carolina beach communities? When was the last time a rolling megaphone had to inform Carolina residents that “LOOTERS WILL GO TO JAIL”?! So why are we bombarded with more of this bullshit in NOLA again? Niggers. Why else. Niggers haven’t got the sense to figure any of it out themselves, so it has to be pounded into everyone’s ears nonstop until they are all bused out to safety. Nobody gives a rat’s ass about whitey rich carolina beach houses. Nobody cares about whitey because whitey can take care of themselves! Not because of wealth either, as these niggerloving liberal asswipes would have us all believe. It’s pure and simple logical intelligence. Something niggers sorely lack. So we are forced to endure nigger news for days straight just to maybe hear a little useful information average white people might be interested in hearing.
The unreasonable pandering to nigger retardation is infecting all aspects of our lives. Only areas with high nigger populations will get the attention of the news media when natural disasters threaten. The rest can all just fuck off. Luckily for whitey, we can use reasonable discretion and get ourselves out safely without our hands held. All this coverage says to the public is niggers are just too fucking stupid to run from a hurricane. I wish we all could understand that! If I were a nigger, I’d be insulted. But then, if I were a nigger, I’d be too fucking dumb to be insulted. And shit…if I were a nigger, I’d have been a suicide victim years ago. But unfortunately if I were a nigger, I’d have been too dumb to realize years ago I’d be better off being a suicide victim. Sure am glad I’m not a nigger!

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