Google’s Racist Censorship

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Due to the “violent” nature in which WordPress eliminates not only blogs they feel need to be hidden from public view but entire accounts associated with the same IP, I have decided to take this post down.  Nice WordPress, nice nice…seriously…I mean it.  I’m playing nice and pandering to your political correctness.  It has been my downfall to comment off topic here.  Hell, I even like niggers today.

Stupid Democrats…

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As a way to gauge the level of class held by the democrats who support a tree swinging ape for leader of the free world, the most powerful nation on earth, we should consider this:

“Fowler Fouls: Hurricane is God’s Favor to Democrats.

Plus, it’s totally funny!

On a plane from Denver to Charlotte following the Democrats’ convention, I found myself seated behind former National Chairman of the Democratic National Committee Don Fowler and Congressman John Spratt of South Carolina. Their conversation was interesting to say the least.

For example, they made fun of Sarah Palin for several minutes, Fowler calling her “Dan Quayle” on steroids and Spratt creatively describing her as “just terrible.” They both agreed that, “Other than the simple fact that she’s a female,” she has nothing to offer.”

And later in the article:

“So you see, it’s funny. That New Orleans will get a hurricane. That’s funny because it is due to hit when President Bush is scheduled to speak. Isn’t that cool? Fowler isn’t the only one who thinks so, just ask Michael Moore.

We all know Democrats used and use Katrina as a political football as callously as possible. Here’s a candid moment showing some can hardly wait for another one.

All Class.”

Isn’t it just typical the evil ones would call the potential disaster of a devastating hurricane an act of GOD to show the world America needs a nigger in the White House?  How much more arrogant can these nigger loving demons be than to assume death and destruction is an act of God to prove them right as opposed to the more likely scenario:  Satan intends to punish the earth with a nigger in the White House.  Just when you think they have reach a level so low nothing could drag them lower, they come up with this.

I smell panic and desperation in this kind of reasoning.  And I foresee these comments will be jammed so far up their asses the hurricane will pale in comparison!  There is yet more hope of a landslide defeat of the nigger in November!

Play these two videos together…see if you can tell which one is which with your eyes closed!

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Obama vs. McCain*hint…Obama is the nigger.

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