Chimpaign Funds

July 24, 2008 § 6 Comments

I know if I were supporting a presidential candidate, and was actually sending him money, I would want to know if any of my contributions were being used for his overseas campaign vacations.  Since when do our presidential candidates campaign where nobody can even vote for them?  I could have missed something; perhaps I never noticed this ever done before.  But what is the cost effectiveness of campaign funds being spent to run this nigger all over world?  And why is the press turning it into some sort of second coming of the messiah?  This nigger probably never even had a passport before this vacation!  Anyone?  Is it productive to waste donated money for photo ops of this nigger eating with military troops who are instructed exactly how to answer questions from the press?  I suppose that’s a stupid question.  Of course it is…as long as stupid white people are hosed over by the glitz and hogwash and actually believe this tromp through Europe and the Middle East is somehow a “meet and greet” before the final appointment of it into the oval office.  Not being a big fan of John McCain, I do admire his simple take on the entire load of bullshit: “I’d rather visit Berlin as President of the United States, than just a candidate for the office…”  My point exactly John.  Can some nigger loving bleeding heart liberal explain that to me?  Why is this trip even necessary?

§ 6 Responses to Chimpaign Funds

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