Chimpaign Funds

July 24, 2008 § 6 Comments

I know if I were supporting a presidential candidate, and was actually sending him money, I would want to know if any of my contributions were being used for his overseas campaign vacations.  Since when do our presidential candidates campaign where nobody can even vote for them?  I could have missed something; perhaps I never noticed this ever done before.  But what is the cost effectiveness of campaign funds being spent to run this nigger all over world?  And why is the press turning it into some sort of second coming of the messiah?  This nigger probably never even had a passport before this vacation!  Anyone?  Is it productive to waste donated money for photo ops of this nigger eating with military troops who are instructed exactly how to answer questions from the press?  I suppose that’s a stupid question.  Of course it is…as long as stupid white people are hosed over by the glitz and hogwash and actually believe this tromp through Europe and the Middle East is somehow a “meet and greet” before the final appointment of it into the oval office.  Not being a big fan of John McCain, I do admire his simple take on the entire load of bullshit: “I’d rather visit Berlin as President of the United States, than just a candidate for the office…”  My point exactly John.  Can some nigger loving bleeding heart liberal explain that to me?  Why is this trip even necessary?

Fucking Nigger Entitlement

July 14, 2008 § 7 Comments

I don’t think I can stand another minute of this bullshit nigger entitlement, and the insistence by media cocksuckers that just because they say something, it is true…period.  Nobody has any input beyond the fucking lame suck ass press once they have determined what is right and what is wrong.  Fuck You.  If I have to look at another TV commercial portraying fucking filthy niggers as affluent humans living in beautiful spotless, sparkling white walled upscale homes, with conventional two parent families and well behaved cubs, I think I will puke in my lap.  Where the fuck do they get this fantasy they try to force down our throats?  I can see the reality as I am sure everyone else can.  Where did niggers go from shitting in their bath tubs to explaining complex mortgage deals to stupid white people at a bank?  How did a population of violent prison inmates suddenly become advocates for large Insurance companies, or Presidential candidates for fuck sakes?  Are white people really THAT fucking stupid?  Does simply the illusion put forth on television convince us that filthy savage good for nothing NIGGERS really deserve the positive impressions being twisted like a cork screw up your ass?  Can we not see the mug shots on the news?  Is it a mystery that just about every single fucking violent crime is committed by niggers?

Now we have poor fucking nigger bamma whining because he is the butt of a very accurate albeit satirical magazine cover.  Why does this nigger think he is above anyone else when it comes to being a Presidential candidate?  In as many years I have witnessed the abuse of politicians, never have I seen more whining as now with this islamic ape.  He is so used to his free ride, he is complaining about everything now.  It’s insane the news media even entertains his pathetic cries of “Wahhhh that’s mean!   MOMMY!”  Get over it nigger…how can we have a president who bursts into tears when anyone criticizes him?  Apparently nigger skin isn’t nearly as thick as nigger skull bone.  Personally, I think the picture is all too accurate for his filthy liking and as is par for the course in the world of nigger protectionism, he demands it be either censored or apologized for…

I don’t think there is an organism on the planet I hate more than niggers.

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