Hiring Practices

June 11, 2008 § 3 Comments

auntie TomikaAt the job, hiring has been contracted out. No more civil service testing. No more testing period. But Affirmative Action concerns are the utmost priority, so in an effort to comply with the demands of unqualified niggers continuously expecting more and more special exceptions, the contracted agency has put out a survey. They explain that since many of us (current employees) were hired, many changes have been made to the selections available as to race and ethnicity. Where I had originally checked “white” 25 years ago for instance, there are now more possibilities that may involve some nigger droplets or Polynesian Islander DNA. It centered around niggers and Hispanics mostly, but it obviously attempted to give the illusion other races and ethnicities mattered too. it even wanted to know if I were Jewish. As I usually do with these types of “voluntary” surveys, I dropped it in the shredder as the boss looked on. I got spoken to and that situation was resolved…voluntary means voluntary…any questions?

Monday I was required to watch a propaganda video on the subject. This was the standard procedure for having the employees fill out the survey. I threw mine away a few days earlier and never got the video. So there I sit, with a group of five other white males. The video was hosted by a magic nigger in a suit. Not a typical orange jumpsuit as might be expected…a three piece courtroom defendant type of suit. He explained to all five of us dumb white boys the standard bullshit phony garbled nigger logic of diversity in the workplace and blah blah blah oook oook oook. I looked around at the much younger and somewhat enlightened others as the video played. I mumbled under my breath “what ever happened to race color creed religion sex and what ever else was forbidden to be a consideration in hiring or discrimination?” My boss who sat in on the viewing to make sure we all watched the bullshit, explained the meaning to me of diversity and why it is so important in the operation of companies such as ours who deal with the public and the local community. I refrained from continuing an argument with him so he would feel safe to leave us to fill out our surveys. I got him later.

As the boys opened the surveys it occurred to me, this is an effort to further identify a need within the company to hire more or less “disadvantaged” demographics. I spoke up. I suggested we all (except me of course…mine went to the recycling plant) change our race to black on the new surveys. “But what if they charged us with fraudulently filing an official document?” Hey…since I was hired, I found out my great grandmother burned some coal with our field nigger…so one drop rule being valid, I am technically a nigger. Check the black box and add another nigger to the employee rolls. Now one more nigger won’t get the free ride. His spot is now occupied by you! I got a couple of takers, and a promise to spread the word. The others were too scared. Understandable in these times of coddling to the worthless subhuman nigger…

As tiny of a contribution this action might be, it’s a step. If nothing else can come of this, perhaps just sharing this idea could promote deeper thinking for ways to use the ridiculous system of nigger free rides against them to maybe at least slow their infiltration down a bit. I don’t know…I’m just so tired of pretending niggers are significant. I still sit patiently waiting for someone to please show me how niggers have contributed to anything of value to society without the support and aid of human intervention…. I will be made of stone before that day comes.

§ 3 Responses to Hiring Practices

  • Hayes says:

    I just dont understand how you can fighure that black people have never contributed anything without human intervention. To make that assumption you would have to say that no white man has ever achieved anything without the helo of other humans. To declare that anyone regardless of race has accomplished something without any human intervention is a pretty absurd notion. I really wonder what you might have to say about how anyone has ever gotten anything done without the help of another.

  • Intolerant says:

    You have managed to miss the basic point. Race and species are not the same. I’ll bring it down to a more common level so you can understand. “Blacks” have never accomplished anything without the aid of the non-black. We need look no further than 6,000 years in Africa where blacks have not advanced beyond the mud hut. Where every other race on the planet has managed to advance, blacks stand motionless. While every other race in the US makes itself successful in one way or another, blacks still make excuses. And demand special opportunity.

  • Stephen Morgan says:

    In response to Hayes..
    Fuck you Hayes you nigger lover.

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