First Amendment Area…

June 10, 2008 § Leave a comment

It seems no matter where you go on the internet, be it free blog servers, free web sites, or paid secure servers, niggers and nigger lovers just don’t want anyone to have access to the truth. They will fight our facts and figures with petitions to have our servers eliminate us from public view. Censorship is their only defense, as clearly indicated by their consistent demands to shut us down. They claim we violate terms of service, yet their own racist violent content doesn’t seem to fall under the same scrutiny. Rap music lyrics litter the airwaves and the internet. Black message forums boldly talk of killing whitey, raping white women and every other vile criminal act a nigger can come up with…but it’s OK for them to do it. They are the oppressed race. They have plenty of free blogs condemning whites, calling for vicious acts of violence, but we don’t cry and whine…we just don’t look at them. Not the same for the niggers or the well intentioned sucker nigger lovers who think they are securing a place in Heaven by pandering to the beastly scourge of the nigger species. They think the First Amendment is selective…only to their specific guidelines. Only when it’s them leaving the feces all over the walls. When White people voice discontent, it must be removed…hidden. Taken away before an informed public realize the cold hard facts. Truth is the enemy of the nigger and the nigger lover. Truth must be hidden from society for society’s own good…but exactly what society are we living in? A nigger society? A fucking jungle society? Look around. Are you an animal? Do you thrive on silencing your enemies instead of standing and declaring your evidence to combat them? If you are a nigger, then you have no choice. You have no evidence. You have no fact to back up your thin arguments so you demand in the name of racism and hate speech that the truth be squelched. The truth be hidden from the masses who are too stupid in the niggers opinions to understand why niggers are what they are. Anyone who calls themselves Americans and subscribes to this censorship approach to arguing should be ashamed of themselves. But there they are, reading this and still figuring out how they can have me shut down…instead of just hitting the next blog button, figuring I am but one little nothing in a sea of blogs, they will waste their time shutting me up…Because I pose such a huge threat to society with my disdain for the nigger species…it really is pathetic.

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