June 6, 2008 § Leave a comment

Can’t talk about his ears…
Or his wife. Or his middle name. Or his church. Or anything else that may present a typical feral beast image of our dear political candidate. They commented on his smoking, as if perhaps we might be swayed to vote against such irresponsible behavior. An American hating racist preacher? Shut up. A wife who only recently became proud of America now that her tree swinging chimpanzee cage mate has been hoisted so high. By the very people she hates with such a passion you can practically read it written across her forehead! Not an issue. No, the animal kingdom would have us all fooled by omission. If we don’t see the media presenting evidence of his incompetency, then perhaps there is none. If they don’t tell us he is inexperienced, we may not figure it out. But look at him. Look at his rape victim. Look at his meal ticket. It’s a fambly of stinking zoo animals! Why is there even a need to go any further than that? What has happened to this country that has allowed this situation to present itself? And what choices do we have? Good God man, what have we done?

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