Nigger Parenting 101

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Things Can Only Get Worse

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Hiring Practices

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auntie TomikaAt the job, hiring has been contracted out. No more civil service testing. No more testing period. But Affirmative Action concerns are the utmost priority, so in an effort to comply with the demands of unqualified niggers continuously expecting more and more special exceptions, the contracted agency has put out a survey. They explain that since many of us (current employees) were hired, many changes have been made to the selections available as to race and ethnicity. Where I had originally checked “white” 25 years ago for instance, there are now more possibilities that may involve some nigger droplets or Polynesian Islander DNA. It centered around niggers and Hispanics mostly, but it obviously attempted to give the illusion other races and ethnicities mattered too. it even wanted to know if I were Jewish. As I usually do with these types of “voluntary” surveys, I dropped it in the shredder as the boss looked on. I got spoken to and that situation was resolved…voluntary means voluntary…any questions?

Monday I was required to watch a propaganda video on the subject. This was the standard procedure for having the employees fill out the survey. I threw mine away a few days earlier and never got the video. So there I sit, with a group of five other white males. The video was hosted by a magic nigger in a suit. Not a typical orange jumpsuit as might be expected…a three piece courtroom defendant type of suit. He explained to all five of us dumb white boys the standard bullshit phony garbled nigger logic of diversity in the workplace and blah blah blah oook oook oook. I looked around at the much younger and somewhat enlightened others as the video played. I mumbled under my breath “what ever happened to race color creed religion sex and what ever else was forbidden to be a consideration in hiring or discrimination?” My boss who sat in on the viewing to make sure we all watched the bullshit, explained the meaning to me of diversity and why it is so important in the operation of companies such as ours who deal with the public and the local community. I refrained from continuing an argument with him so he would feel safe to leave us to fill out our surveys. I got him later.

As the boys opened the surveys it occurred to me, this is an effort to further identify a need within the company to hire more or less “disadvantaged” demographics. I spoke up. I suggested we all (except me of course…mine went to the recycling plant) change our race to black on the new surveys. “But what if they charged us with fraudulently filing an official document?” Hey…since I was hired, I found out my great grandmother burned some coal with our field nigger…so one drop rule being valid, I am technically a nigger. Check the black box and add another nigger to the employee rolls. Now one more nigger won’t get the free ride. His spot is now occupied by you! I got a couple of takers, and a promise to spread the word. The others were too scared. Understandable in these times of coddling to the worthless subhuman nigger…

As tiny of a contribution this action might be, it’s a step. If nothing else can come of this, perhaps just sharing this idea could promote deeper thinking for ways to use the ridiculous system of nigger free rides against them to maybe at least slow their infiltration down a bit. I don’t know…I’m just so tired of pretending niggers are significant. I still sit patiently waiting for someone to please show me how niggers have contributed to anything of value to society without the support and aid of human intervention…. I will be made of stone before that day comes.

First Amendment Area…

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It seems no matter where you go on the internet, be it free blog servers, free web sites, or paid secure servers, niggers and nigger lovers just don’t want anyone to have access to the truth. They will fight our facts and figures with petitions to have our servers eliminate us from public view. Censorship is their only defense, as clearly indicated by their consistent demands to shut us down. They claim we violate terms of service, yet their own racist violent content doesn’t seem to fall under the same scrutiny. Rap music lyrics litter the airwaves and the internet. Black message forums boldly talk of killing whitey, raping white women and every other vile criminal act a nigger can come up with…but it’s OK for them to do it. They are the oppressed race. They have plenty of free blogs condemning whites, calling for vicious acts of violence, but we don’t cry and whine…we just don’t look at them. Not the same for the niggers or the well intentioned sucker nigger lovers who think they are securing a place in Heaven by pandering to the beastly scourge of the nigger species. They think the First Amendment is selective…only to their specific guidelines. Only when it’s them leaving the feces all over the walls. When White people voice discontent, it must be removed…hidden. Taken away before an informed public realize the cold hard facts. Truth is the enemy of the nigger and the nigger lover. Truth must be hidden from society for society’s own good…but exactly what society are we living in? A nigger society? A fucking jungle society? Look around. Are you an animal? Do you thrive on silencing your enemies instead of standing and declaring your evidence to combat them? If you are a nigger, then you have no choice. You have no evidence. You have no fact to back up your thin arguments so you demand in the name of racism and hate speech that the truth be squelched. The truth be hidden from the masses who are too stupid in the niggers opinions to understand why niggers are what they are. Anyone who calls themselves Americans and subscribes to this censorship approach to arguing should be ashamed of themselves. But there they are, reading this and still figuring out how they can have me shut down…instead of just hitting the next blog button, figuring I am but one little nothing in a sea of blogs, they will waste their time shutting me up…Because I pose such a huge threat to society with my disdain for the nigger species…it really is pathetic.

But He’s Such A Great Orator!

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Ever watch the news and see a nigger news reporter huck up his throat and attempt to speak like a human? Or watch an old Eddie Murphy or Wayans brother comedy routine where they try to make fun of whitey? This is what the Niggocratic Party is running for president! A nigger pretending to talk white…and doing a great job of fooling a vast number of functionally retarded whitey supporters! I suppose these misguided supporters are proud of how stupid most niggers think they are. Imagine that…being proud to be thought of as stupid by the stupidest species on the planet! They wave their little signs “CHANGE!” without once thinking about exactly what kind of change this nigger is proposing! It’s like that episode of the Twilight Zone where all the idiots on Earth were flocking to the alien space ship that advertised “To Serve Man”…They fought over a space in line to go to the new world…CHANGE! It was a fucking COOK BOOK!

Change to this and every other nigger in the country means more free passes fosoylent green is peopler nigger crime and unacceptable behavior! Yet whitey flock to his comedy routines disguised as speeches and faint and cry as they listen to what they think they are hearing! It’s truly pathetic how stupid people can be when they think they are doing good. When has a nigger been grateful for ANYTHING society has handed them? Why don’t these idiots see how niggers not only demand more and thank less, they bite the hands that feed them so consistently it’s a disgrace! To serve man indeed. Obama supporters are lining us ALL up to be eaten alive by the scum of the earth species. Wake up America. Niggers are only concerned with the here and now for niggers…not foreign policy or the economy. Not terrorism. Not the war in Iraq. Just niggers and their free government checks. And their new rights to commit crimes unpunished. Niggers could give a crap beyond their own little worlds. A clear example of why they are nothing but wild animals with no souls. Think about it…


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Can’t talk about his ears…
Or his wife. Or his middle name. Or his church. Or anything else that may present a typical feral beast image of our dear political candidate. They commented on his smoking, as if perhaps we might be swayed to vote against such irresponsible behavior. An American hating racist preacher? Shut up. A wife who only recently became proud of America now that her tree swinging chimpanzee cage mate has been hoisted so high. By the very people she hates with such a passion you can practically read it written across her forehead! Not an issue. No, the animal kingdom would have us all fooled by omission. If we don’t see the media presenting evidence of his incompetency, then perhaps there is none. If they don’t tell us he is inexperienced, we may not figure it out. But look at him. Look at his rape victim. Look at his meal ticket. It’s a fambly of stinking zoo animals! Why is there even a need to go any further than that? What has happened to this country that has allowed this situation to present itself? And what choices do we have? Good God man, what have we done?

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