Sheboon Suckers

June 2, 2007 § 8 Comments


One of the things I find hard to understand is the sheboon tendency to defend her male counterparts while they show her their distinct preference for white women with blond hair and blue eyes.  Nigger males have consistently sought after white women immediately following expulsion from the womb.  They disrespect the sistas, cast them aside, but impregnate and leave them just the same.  They claim muh dick make the white wimmin crazy.  Still, after such abuse and neglect, the sheboon continue to defend.  Why?  Primal instinct.  Niggers, both male and female will never fail to excuse any and all nigger behavior no matter how vile, immoral, indecent, illegal, disrespectful, self destructive or downright stupid it might be.  Self respecting white folks on the other hand will condemn stupid polluted white women who even consider this interracial disgrace acceptable.  White folks will condemn white criminals and white trash who conspire with and emulate niggers.  White folks base their loyalty on truth and logic where niggers base it only on race.  So as I see the sheboons comment here to defend their species, I have to laugh at the utter disrespect and ungrateful slaps in the face they receive from their men as they lust after the females of the race they claim to hate for imprisoning them in slavery 400 years ago.  They think they are punishing us by fucking our women (with muh dick), but they only punish their own.  We simply won’t touch the tainted meat once the ape has laid a hand on it.


§ 8 Responses to Sheboon Suckers

  • myhouse says:

    Sheboon… disgusting. A total disgrace to all human kind. I’m not religous, but doesn’t the Bible say stay with your own kind.

    Looks like a case of beastiality.

    Why would any white person lower themselves so low that believing mixing races is a good thing?? White parents better raise their children better!

  • intolerant says:

    Television portrays mixed relationships as normal…it is never even addressed as an issue. It’s never even part of any plots of what ever show they are on, it’s regarded as normal as any other relationship. Society is teaching the children this disgraceful disrespect for the white race. People allowing it is what needs to change. Parents are one way…but there’s way too much to fight out there. Kids get it from liberal educators, television, niggers…lots of bad influences.

  • Chris says:

    Yes, and television generally characterizes the “typical” black family, as having all of the same sociological traits as the middle class, white-collar caucasian family. After all, isn’t this how the typical African-American family functions?
    Mom and Dad coming home from work, getting the kids fed, making sure the homework is complete, getting them fed, bathed and ready for sleep?
    Some fine examples of this are “The George Lopez Show”, “My Wife and Kids”, “Moesha” (Christ, just the name alone!), and ANY show on fucking UPN or WB…………………and yes, I realize that Lopez isn’t a spook, but he is a Beaner and that’s close enough for me.
    Do the producers of these “shows” have any fucking attachment to reality, whatsoever?? Are they really this naive? It cannot be possible.
    Now “Sanford and Son” was more of an accurate depiction of reality than anything we have today. Fred ran his scams and drank Ripple, his buddy Grady was always fucked-up, there was always a weeks worth of dirty dishes in the kitchen and they spoke to each-other like true niggers…………….and on top of it all, they lived in a fucking JUNK-YARD!!!!
    Three decades later, we’ve departed from the junk-yard, cheap wine and Aunt Edna, to gated communities, designer clothing and BMW’s……………and what time does my plane leave for Pluto??!!
    I won’t even get into the race-mixing merchants of MTV; another totally twisted apparatus plaguing the airwaves. Disgusting.

  • Glory says:

    now you know that fat isn’t a Black thing but a fucking nasty ass american thing. I’m pretty sure that the dumbfuck that writes this blog is fat, or his mom is fat. He has to be related to so pig looking mothafucker. yeah I’m black, and you’re ignorant. I think that sometimes that this racism thing is some sort of weird sexual fetish, I think you get off on this shit.

  • myhouse says:

    What, they don’t have food stamps in Africa?

  • intolerant says:

    Always goes back to sex and ignorance. Why are my frustrations with niggers blamed on my sex life, and why is it that any disgust with niggers is automatically due to my stupidity and ignorance? Maybe I see too many more bad than good. Maybe the blatant lies I see have finally infuriated me.

    If this blog is offensive, just go the fuck away. I don’t read your shit because I find it contains nothing of any substance. I don’t expect to change your mind so why do you think you can change mine? You need to understand yourself first before you can begin to understand me. And that will never happen as long as you continue to listen to the so called leaders you have, or take the free handouts the stupid white people turn over to you.

    The only point you choose to argue is me calling someone fat? OK…you win that one. People are generally fat no matter what race or species. It was just added for effect. How about the rest of the statistics raised throughout the rest of the blog? And don’t say I’m just ignorant. You need to do better than that.

  • JP says:

    How can people read this and not see the humor in it? One problem the angry blacks seem to have is a lack of a sense of humor and the ability to recognize when they are not welcome somewhere. If nobody wants your shit around, why in the hell do you continue to come back? I suppose that’s the underlying problem all the way around. Nobody wants you here. So go away. How fucking hard is that to understand?

  • jenafear says:

    Maybe they’re just projecting their own insecurities.

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