June 1, 2007 § 4 Comments


As if the brutal killings in Knoxville weren’t an insult enough to the human race, the defending of them as a crime not worthy of any special coverage is even more enraging.  Niggers Apes claiming there is no ebidents ob no hate cryme bin commitid and ass kissing liberal suckers teaming up to down play the severity of these brutal murders is inexcusable.  Go to YouTube and search for the Knoxville Rally videos.  Then follow some of the other videos…the Paula Zahn news story.  The denials of documented facts.  The excuses for the behavior.  chimpout.jpgThe claim these two white kids were simply at the “wrong deadly place at the wrong time” as if it was their own fault for being carjacked, brutally raped, sectioned, set on fire, doused with nigger piss and finally murdered.  Fucking nigger loving ass kissing out of fucking touch with reality media reporting is a fucking disgrace.  A disgrace…and any of those fucking reporters who can find one single word of defense for the crimes, the perpetrators, or those who stood against anyone defending those victims should be locked in a cage with the fucking gorillas who were responsible for the whole mess and left there.  Throw away the key.  Worthless white pussy nigger loving politically correct fearing assholes should be chained to savage niggers and given a pen to report how fucking human they are.  Guaranteed they will be stabbed to death with the pen before they can even ask for a piece of paper.

§ 4 Responses to Outrage

  • 'nuffsenough says:

    I saw “news” reports about the rally, and the crime over the weekend. Wow, what chicken shits the news outlets are !
    So, if the situation were reversed, I have no doubt Al & Oprah and every other nigger with an ounce of unearned clout would be screaming “Hate Crime!”
    Let me get this straight, does this mean that the twin towers at WTC were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time, causing themselves to be crashed into ?
    Is it just me, or does that defense sound asinine ?
    In any event, every animal involved in that crime ought to be thrown under a jail and never be allowed to see daylight again. A humane death sentence is too good for them.
    I’d feel the same way if this had been white on white crime, but to try and force us to accept it as chance, or a “no-fault”, or that it was the victim’s own fault is infuriating and insulting.

  • myhouse says:

    The frustration builds and we must unite, and regroup so as not to do something which would put us in their hands.

    Assholes out there during the Knoxville rally wearing clown suits and making a mockery of 2 destroyed white people, by the paws of niggers… and the clowns were white!

    myhouse for President!

  • intolerant says:

    Isn’t it interesting how the nigger loving “Cradora” never bothered to comment this post?

  • Stanley Pickle says:

    I can’t even begin to tell you how outraged I am about this crime and the hundreds of thousands of White victims each year of violent criminal nigger behavior. It is simply amazing that we allow these sub-human beasts to walk side by side with us in a civilized society. I pray everyday for either a return to segregation, repatriating those monkeys back to Africa or as a last resort, an all out race war.

    Something needs to happen FAST because millions and millions of White people are sick and tired of this nigger infested bullshite!

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