Gotta Love Them Pickaninnies…They So Filled Witt Knowledge An Shit.

June 1, 2007 § 17 Comments


§ 17 Responses to Gotta Love Them Pickaninnies…They So Filled Witt Knowledge An Shit.

  • jenafear says:

    She appears to be quite the opposite of pig.

  • intolerant says:

    not fried either…

  • myhouse says:

    Sweet firm little boobies. I wouldn’t mind sucking on those ribs.

    Oh ya… niggers stink.

  • Cradora says:

    even pigs want to be black

  • intolerant says:

    nobody including niggers want to be black. It’s a curse, don’t you understand that?

  • Cradora says:

    im cursed but u have a disease

  • intolerant says:

    You ARE a disease…an infection society just can’t find an antibiotic for, so you spread. You infect every city leaving filth and despair and drug abuse in your path. Accept the fact that you are nothing but a festering open sore on society’s ass. Shouldn’t you be in school? Or in line for a check somewhere?

  • myhouse says:

    Perhaps Cradora has a point about us having a disease… I mean, most all disease’s came from Africa. So Cradora, I have to agree, everywhere you and your tribe goes, White people get diseased.

  • myhouse says:

    BTW: there are a lot of brainless wiggers out there… but I think that’s only because they want the freebies like all your nigger kind gets from this country.

    You are unwelcome.

  • A Black Girl says:

    check this out, you actually put your time and energy in writing a whole blog about black people, you probably think about black people day in night, I bet we are in your dreams, isn’t that right? I think you love us, that;s why you’re so obsessive.

  • A Black Girl says:

    No pigs are pale and greedy, just like someone else I know.

  • intolerant says:

    Niggers are in my nightmares. I don’t have to think about them “day in night” (the proper phrase is day in and day out, but I don’t expect you to know that…niggers only come out at night anyway so the difference is lost on you.) because every fucking where I turn I have to look at them. Every fucking TV commercial or TV show…every fucking print ad or magazine…niggers niggers niggers. I have to look at the crack headed loser nigger street walkers all around my fucking JOB (ever hear of one of them, a J-O-B? ), I see them begging for more free fucking nigger support checks (public assistance)…I read about their violent crimes against humanity…they even kill their own, they don’t care. They’re savages. Yeah I get a little cranky from over niggerfication…I get tired of niggers and especially when they complain. There has been no better time in the fucking history of this country to be a nigger than right now. Yet still they complain. Ungrateful brutal violent niggers complaining. Bet your fucking fat nigger ass I’m obsessed. Sick and fucking tired obsessed. And news for you fuzzy headed ho cunt…more white people are sick and fucking tired of you too. MORE AND MORE. You should see this blog grow. You think it’s the product of an affection for niggers??? Smoke some more crack asshole. Be thankful this is as far as I will ever go…because YES I am afraid of your savage violence. I don’t want my ass fucked by gorillas to entertain some pack of wild chimpanzees. But rest assured Sheboon…there are redneck imbeciles out there. You know there are. They’ve been silently waiting. The ropes are in the shed. Keep it up. You don’t want to meet any of them any more than I want to meet your fat baboon bubble ass.

  • VQ says:

    Keep it up intolerant! Put those nig-nogs in their place. They truly are the scum of the earth. (Well, next to der juden.)

  • Black Girl says:

    hahahaha, wassup mothafucker, this is actually a real Black person here, female and I ran across your blog some time ago.

    I know you can stand my ass, that’s your problem. I would love for you to put your energy into telling me why you hate me, what’s wrong with me and my people. Tell me about my our history, our minds, the way we look. All of that good shit.

    Why am I asking you, because I’m a blogger and I’m writing a bit on peace and how we can all get a long and such, in fact I’m in an interracial relationship, I think all people are beautiful, well except for your kind of course, and I was looking for reasons why some white folk don’t like us, cause I can’t really past we’re ugly monkeys, lazy, smelly, dumb and what else. Please jog my memory.

    No I don’t get off on it, I just want some of your ignorance. You should already know where mankind originated, in Africa. Period. you know that. If not, tell me your story, why aren’t we people, where did you come from? what makes your genetically superior? I would love it if you got back to me right away because I’m writing in my blog now, and it’ll be cool if I got an actual dumbfuck red neck to email me back.

    do go off and try to correct my english, spelling and grammar, I’m trying my best to just type and get this over with, not putting too much into writing a dumb bitch like yourself.

    get back to me sweety (gag)

  • Black Girl says:

    why are you fed up, because your life sucks? how is your health? are you happy? how is your sex life? your children? do you like what you see in he mirror? are niggers the reason for your problems? please you are a victim to the american problem also, just like niggers, they control all of us, black folks are scapegoated.

  • intolerant says:

    I thought you said you read this blog. All of your questions are answered in one place or another if you did. As for all life originating in Africa…please give me a better reason for me to accept the violent nature of your species. The relevance of Africa to your inability to function in a civilized society is something I need explained further by a scholar such as yourself.

    I suggest you save yourself the frustrations I feel every time I turn on the television or open a magazine or newspaper, and stop reading this blog. It’s not aimed at your demographic. No amount of counter insults will change anyones mind so why would you bother? I would never think to come to your blog and try to list reasons for you to love and accept me, so why do you insist on coming here?

    Simply by commenting regularly shows which one of us is truly the ignorant one. I’m sorry I’ve affected you to such a point.

  • myhouse says:

    Hmmm… it’s hard trying to decipher what the nigger said. I do know how to read/understand ghetto, but this shit is ridiculous. You’re right on ‘intol’ though, all of the information ‘it’ requested is in this blog. No need for me to respond to the monkey.

    Bottom line: Leave white people alone, stay with your own kind, and shut the fuck up already.

    Long live my family!

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