June 1, 2007 § 3 Comments


The more incensed I become over Typical Nigger Behavior, the more convinced I am that there are no redeeming qualities to any of them.  When Oprah sided with Sharpton on the Imus issue, she showed even her human facade was a flimsy one, to say the least.  (Affirmative Action)Educated niggers continue to parrot ape the pro-nigger white liberal do gooders who excuse this behavior as cultural differences.  Fuck faces who tell me “I doesn’t unnastan’ they plight” just piss me off all the more.  I understand all too fucking well.  That’s the problem.  It stares even the most non productive mental deficient right square in the face.  How can it be denied by any thinking human being?  What part of niggers are savage animals doesn’t the civilized non african population understand?  Are there not enough instances of their brutality?  Have we not seen enough hidden camera videos of niggers sucker punching store clerks or innocent bystanders?  When does a video of a nigger savagely beating an old woman register with these stupid white excusionists?  I can’t even look at a nigger and not think I am in a zoo during a mass escape.  I don’t even feel safe in a locked car.  Niggers are not human.  That’s the last word.

§ 3 Responses to Bootlips

  • ron wms says:

    I`m going into the Hess station, were cops hang, and I`m gonna say “Hey nigger” “how you niggers doing?”. There is no law against-God Damn It!!!SAY it LOUD—FUCKING NIGGER!!!

  • intolerant says:

    There is a nigger law against it. It’s called you be a racist and you lose your job. Calling a spade a spade today means you are not entitled to make a living, feed your family or function as a civilized human being anymore. Niggers have made common sense, decent living and truth a crime. White people who support the Simian race and look down upon those of us who are sick and fucking tired of it are in a category many levels below niggers. Without them, niggers would just dumb themselves right back out into the jungle where they could be contained. Ironically, the niggers are the first to bite the hands that feed them all the rhetoric and bullshit excuses. It’s a fucked up world.

  • myhouse says:

    My passive wife is becoming more and more aware. She became even more aware last Sunday night when we had a drive by shooting a few houses down. The same vehicle that did the shooting stopped in front of my house, two days after, while my sons and I were enjoying the quiet night on the front porch. Now she doesn’t mind when I sit on the front porch with my rifle.
    It seems quite obvious, the ones who defend these beasts, do not live anywhere near them. But how can they block what they see in the news everyday?

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