Apes And Niggers

June 1, 2007 § 27 Comments

No matter what comparison a nigger may make to white people, it never really insults us because we are relatively secure in our own evolution or creation.  Niggers on the other hand find it extremely insulting and disrespectful when they are compared to or even called Apes or Monkeys.  Why is that?  Rhetorical question…before you attempt an answer.  It’s because they themselves are confused.  They feel an attachment to apes and they don’t like it.  It’s instinctive…they can’t help it because they ARE apes.  Niggers are much closer to being chimps than they are to being human.  Behavior is the key.  Nobody is more aware of this than the NAACP, who will fight to the def anyone who puts a nigger in the same context as a monkey, no matter what the subject or intended analogy.  What is really most intriguing about this simian refusal to accept their heritage is the fact that the ones who should be truly offended aren’t.  Gorillas should be out in force protesting comparisons made between them and niggers.  Monkeys should be calling the NAACP, not niggers!

§ 27 Responses to Apes And Niggers

  • 'nuffsenough says:

    It’s a funny irony. Niggers are always desperately clamoring to have any kind of heritage.
    You’d think that they’d latch onto their simian ancestry, considering that lower primates seem to be better off in almost every way, and without help from anyone.
    And incidentally, what’s with the title NAACP ? I thought they got upset by being referred to as colored ? These lower hominoids ARE indeed confused.

  • intolerant says:

    lower humanoids…you’re funny! I thought it was the National Association for the Atonement of Congoid Primates. Yeah…that’s it. Congoid Primates!

  • Cradora says:

    what year are you living in?

    BTW, Shave your monkey and it has pink skin.
    Pigs are pink, when fried they turn brown.

    Why do white people get tans? because whiteness is a skin disease. and the sun doesn’t like you

  • intolerant says:

    wow…I guess I should consider myself put in MY place. Who could argue with that brilliance? Damn…

    So niggers are just fried pigs. And if the sun hates white people, that’s why it tans them, it must really hate niggers! Keep the insults coming dumb ass…I’m Lovin’ it!

  • Cradora says:

    Tanned white people are fried pigs

  • intolerant says:

    ahhhh! I see, so niggers are burnt pigs then. I get it now.

  • Cradora says:

    bad comprehension skills, no wonder you’ve become the terrorist of your own country.

  • intolerant says:

    huh?! Niggers are the terrorists of America….just open the newspaper and see how many Jamal’s and Shaneekwa’s and Dershaad’s were arrested for violent crimes last night! Comprehension…how long did it take you to find that word in the dictionary?

  • intolerant says:

    Give it up kid…you’re outgunned.

  • 'nuffsenough says:

    “it never really insults us because we are relatively secure in our own evolution or creation. ”
    I love how they prove the point by throwing what they think are insults.
    Cradora, shouldn’t you be applying for welfare or something, instead of waging a battle of wits while unarmed ?
    Here’s an idea, try making a point that’s based on at least one real fact.
    Fact: Something objectively verified.

  • Cradora says:

    thats because your media loves to report what blacks do.

    Ye you worry when they speak of situations like Anna Nicole and Paris Hilton, Lindsy Lohan. then they’re only “Troubled by Society”. yet they the only troubled past they have are with their parents.

    why do white people hate their parents? do white people want to be in this world? why did white people bring blacks to america and elsewhere if they dont want us in these places? you tell me? why did whites want africa?

    White people Destroyed Africa, why are they destroying America?
    Are you scared of the black face?
    Do you hate us because you’re diseased?
    Do you want to be black?
    Am i asking many questions?
    Whats your origin?
    If Blacks Evolved, where where whites?
    Why’d u post a picture of a Pink monkey?
    Is life hard for you because of “Niggers Taking over”?
    Whats A Nigger Exactly?
    Why do you hate black if you love the Color so much?

    Maybe you only hate looking in the mirror realizing that you born scared for life.

  • intolerant says:

    wow…anyone get anything out of that? Paris Hilton? Lindsey Lohan? Who the fuck cares about them? MY Media? Read the fucking blog dumb ass… I hate the white people who cater to your savage needs more than I detest you and your African roots. I DIDN’T COME TO AFRICA TO GET YOU. And whites didn’t ruin anything…you did. LIBERIA. Look it up.

    What a stupid little kid you are. You will grow to be nothing more than the garbage your ancestors turned out to be. Until you learn that YOU and niggers who think like you are the problem, you are destined to failure as an adult. Go back to class.

  • Cradora says:

    Jesus Wept.

  • 'nuffsenough says:

    First off, the media seems to be pro-nigger. It’s not our fault that niggers provide most of the news of violence.
    Second, not only do I know who both of my parents are, I love them.
    Third, if whites wanted africa, we’d take it. Do a little research on your precious africa before trying to sell us on it’s wonders and inhabitants.
    And finally, yeah to “Am I asking many questions”. Indeed you have asked many inane, pointless, baseless questions. A sure sign of low to no intelligence doing it’s best to take up space on this post.
    Go steal a clue.

  • intolerant says:

    I bet Jesus weeps every time a nigger commits a violent crime too…”What have I done?”

  • Cradora says:

    good answer

  • jenafear says:

    I look a little crispy after a time in the sun. Then it peels in a very attractive way. But sunblock is a suitable protection against the sun’s anger at me for being white.

  • 'nuffsenough says:

    Now if we could just invent Nigger-Block

  • myhouse says:

    When niggers get burned, dae skin be white. So would it not be good advice to just burn them all? JK, of course… they would still be niggers.

    Jesus weeps when one of those future murders, rapists, etc. are born, whether in da back seat of dae ride, or dae bafftub, or even dae toilet. I truly don’t believe Jesus gives one shit about any of you darkies.

    Cradora appears to be the type of animal that sits at home, in her safe community, ignores the news reports, and obviously doesn’t search the inet for historical or relevant facts. You are blind, accept the fact that you are black and completely useless to our, or any, society.

    Key: Dae = Their Da = The

  • Cradora says:

    accept the fact that you’re evil

  • intolerant says:

    niggers are evil. Read the papers. Visit the prisons. Not wanting to be your victims isn’t evil. Being a nigger is. Accept that fact, stupid.

  • intolerant says:

    Why don’t you just move along nigger? Nobody cares to read your inane garbage here. Go visit a nigger blog where they talk about shit you can relate to like Muh Dik and Ho beating apes with expensive leased niggerized SUVs with big wheels. You are insignificant.

  • Cradora says:

    Trick My Truck

  • intolerant says:

    Ha…yeah or what ever you niggers like to look at besides that mail slot on check day.

  • myhouse says:

    ‘It’ was probably searching fo how ta be a gansta on ‘Axe Jeebs’ on da innanet, and came across this site… more than that big stinky mouth can chew.

    The only black I like is on my tires, and under them.

  • intolerant says:

    Trying to argue with the likes of this moron is exhausting. It’s like shadow boxing. I know who you are…and you still lose.

  • Steve says:

    I must object to you using the comparason of monkeys to the other darker tribe. What have the monkeys done to deserve it?

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