Sheboon Suckers

June 2, 2007 § 8 Comments


One of the things I find hard to understand is the sheboon tendency to defend her male counterparts while they show her their distinct preference for white women with blond hair and blue eyes.  Nigger males have consistently sought after white women immediately following expulsion from the womb.  They disrespect the sistas, cast them aside, but impregnate and leave them just the same.  They claim muh dick make the white wimmin crazy.  Still, after such abuse and neglect, the sheboon continue to defend.  Why?  Primal instinct.  Niggers, both male and female will never fail to excuse any and all nigger behavior no matter how vile, immoral, indecent, illegal, disrespectful, self destructive or downright stupid it might be.  Self respecting white folks on the other hand will condemn stupid polluted white women who even consider this interracial disgrace acceptable.  White folks will condemn white criminals and white trash who conspire with and emulate niggers.  White folks base their loyalty on truth and logic where niggers base it only on race.  So as I see the sheboons comment here to defend their species, I have to laugh at the utter disrespect and ungrateful slaps in the face they receive from their men as they lust after the females of the race they claim to hate for imprisoning them in slavery 400 years ago.  They think they are punishing us by fucking our women (with muh dick), but they only punish their own.  We simply won’t touch the tainted meat once the ape has laid a hand on it.


In Case Anyone Forgot…Cradora Wrote This Last Month Under An Assortment Of Names. This Time They Have Attempted To Hide Behind A Proxy. Same Moron. Different Day. Please Stop Responding To It. Let It Self Destruct Again.

June 1, 2007 § 5 Comments

Shake yo shit motherfucker! (22:02:43) : edit

You are awesome. I wish i was you. I bet i would have way more fun. Haha, i just fucking won. It is so great that you realize the weight of my arguments. You fail to address a single thing i say out of fear. I am so fucking awesome! Night BIATCH!!! haha i am so please- you loser. TIN CAN RIch is A fUcking faKER! HAHA DONT COME BACK HERE HE KNOWS noTHing! Please, seriously, i own this blog now. Find something of weight. He is quitting and crying. This is what i want-people, like him, just die. And his is! This is a revolution! Night tin can, whatever. Life is strange. But, it rewards-. As it has done for me! This blog has done itself a service in finally realizing that i am better, faster, and stronger. It is nothing. If you miss the fine points of this, it is probably because you live in a trailer. Night BITCHES. I hope to meet all of you at the end of a terrible fate. REDNECKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

12 05 2007

Shake yo shit motherfucker! (22:08:37) : edit

Also, you forgot the part about me being right. I mean, literally, alway right. Where do you live? I went to a ballin as party tonight. I just like to pick on rednecks. Like you. HAHAHA. God, i bet you are wetting your pants in self-loathing. I haven’t lost a thing. You lose everything. Night bitch.

12 05 2007

Shake yo shit motherfucker! (22:09:32) : edit

Im drunk. CUTIE. CAn WE DATE!?!?!? Guys, if you dont know, he is actually, sorta, well maybe not straight. I can’t say?!?! maybe just biiii—something? I don’t know.

Gotta Love Them Pickaninnies…They So Filled Witt Knowledge An Shit.

June 1, 2007 § 17 Comments


Apes And Niggers

June 1, 2007 § 27 Comments

No matter what comparison a nigger may make to white people, it never really insults us because we are relatively secure in our own evolution or creation.  Niggers on the other hand find it extremely insulting and disrespectful when they are compared to or even called Apes or Monkeys.  Why is that?  Rhetorical question…before you attempt an answer.  It’s because they themselves are confused.  They feel an attachment to apes and they don’t like it.  It’s instinctive…they can’t help it because they ARE apes.  Niggers are much closer to being chimps than they are to being human.  Behavior is the key.  Nobody is more aware of this than the NAACP, who will fight to the def anyone who puts a nigger in the same context as a monkey, no matter what the subject or intended analogy.  What is really most intriguing about this simian refusal to accept their heritage is the fact that the ones who should be truly offended aren’t.  Gorillas should be out in force protesting comparisons made between them and niggers.  Monkeys should be calling the NAACP, not niggers!


June 1, 2007 § 3 Comments


The more incensed I become over Typical Nigger Behavior, the more convinced I am that there are no redeeming qualities to any of them.  When Oprah sided with Sharpton on the Imus issue, she showed even her human facade was a flimsy one, to say the least.  (Affirmative Action)Educated niggers continue to parrot ape the pro-nigger white liberal do gooders who excuse this behavior as cultural differences.  Fuck faces who tell me “I doesn’t unnastan’ they plight” just piss me off all the more.  I understand all too fucking well.  That’s the problem.  It stares even the most non productive mental deficient right square in the face.  How can it be denied by any thinking human being?  What part of niggers are savage animals doesn’t the civilized non african population understand?  Are there not enough instances of their brutality?  Have we not seen enough hidden camera videos of niggers sucker punching store clerks or innocent bystanders?  When does a video of a nigger savagely beating an old woman register with these stupid white excusionists?  I can’t even look at a nigger and not think I am in a zoo during a mass escape.  I don’t even feel safe in a locked car.  Niggers are not human.  That’s the last word.


June 1, 2007 § 4 Comments


As if the brutal killings in Knoxville weren’t an insult enough to the human race, the defending of them as a crime not worthy of any special coverage is even more enraging.  Niggers Apes claiming there is no ebidents ob no hate cryme bin commitid and ass kissing liberal suckers teaming up to down play the severity of these brutal murders is inexcusable.  Go to YouTube and search for the Knoxville Rally videos.  Then follow some of the other videos…the Paula Zahn news story.  The denials of documented facts.  The excuses for the behavior.  chimpout.jpgThe claim these two white kids were simply at the “wrong deadly place at the wrong time” as if it was their own fault for being carjacked, brutally raped, sectioned, set on fire, doused with nigger piss and finally murdered.  Fucking nigger loving ass kissing out of fucking touch with reality media reporting is a fucking disgrace.  A disgrace…and any of those fucking reporters who can find one single word of defense for the crimes, the perpetrators, or those who stood against anyone defending those victims should be locked in a cage with the fucking gorillas who were responsible for the whole mess and left there.  Throw away the key.  Worthless white pussy nigger loving politically correct fearing assholes should be chained to savage niggers and given a pen to report how fucking human they are.  Guaranteed they will be stabbed to death with the pen before they can even ask for a piece of paper.

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