Raptorman: Golden Logic

May 23, 2007 § 5 Comments

Stolen from Net Authority Comments Concerning Niggermania and it’s supposed “hateful content”


Raptorman 05/22/2007 – 21:44:43
What can we do to restore racial harmony to our cities? The problem lies in the Negro’s desperately low intelligence. With an average IQ of 85, nearly a full standard deviation from the mean, the negro lacks the intellectual wherewithal to succeed in a white society, yet has been led – cruelly and unfairly – to consider itself as on a par with humans. The irony is bitter: the negro is so stupid it doesn’t realize how stupid it is. With an IQ of 85, it believes almost anything it is told, including the lie that it is intelligent.

So the negro sees humans living in comfortable homes, driving expensive cars, wearing good quality clothes, and not dying of AIDS; and it thinks that, since it is the equal of humans, all those material benefits are somehow its right, too. In short, the negro is discontented because it *expects* more than it *has*. The trick to restoring the happy, smiling “Uncle Remus” negro of yesteryear is thus to manage its expectations.

For example, if I had an IQ of 85, I’d rightly consider it an achievement to hold down a job as a toilet cleaner. However, I know this because I have an IQ between 128 and 140, depending on which IQ test I choose to believe. If I really did have an IQ of 85, I’d be far too stupid to realize that I was doing well to hold that job down – unless somebody told me so.

Similarly, the negro who rapes a baby to cure his AIDS should be applauded, not condemned, because he’s started out on the evolutionary path that leads to cognitive intelligence. What appears to us to be a gross sexual crime is, in fact, the distant ancestor of abstract thought. 50,000 years ago, humans were as dumb as Negroes are now; surely we should cut them a little slack and not judge them by the standards we set ourselves? You wouldn’t expect a dog to drive a car; you wouldn’t expect a chimpanzee to perform brain surgery; and you can’t expect a negro to display any moral awareness. Admittedly, applauding this behavior will accelerate the spread of AIDS, but to die of disgusting and interesting diseases is part of the negro’s birthright and heritage.

We should thus focus our efforts, as a society, on applauding the most minor negro accomplishments, reminding him what a dim bulb he is, and emphasizing that his material lifestyle is proportionate to his IQ. He should be happy with whatever he has, however little that is, because he’s too dim to merit more. Thus, an African negro has an IQ of 55 to 60 and drinks water that has been pissed and shat in. An American negro has an IQ of 85 and gets todrink clean water, the same as humans drink. Who’s better off? Why, the latter, clearly – because of his higher IQ. The message to the discontented urban negro is: it could be worse.

Only when the negro forgets its preposterous dreams of getting a college degree on its own intellectual merits, or of holding down anyother than a menial job, will there be racial harmony. There can be no more quota negro doctors until they evolve past belief in the “Evil Eye”. There must be no more quota negro airline pilots until there is an African aerospace industry.

They’ll be happier, we’ll be happier, and best of all, my shoes will be shinier.

§ 5 Responses to Raptorman: Golden Logic

  • blackpubwatch says:

    Gold! Hey, here is another nigger joke for your sidebar collection;

    What’s a Nigger fortune cookie?

    A piece of cornbread with a food stamp baked in the middle of it!

  • intolerant says:

    Good one…I’ll get it over there.

  • Good post. Negros down in Orlando, FL are so savage that one street in particular, Mercy Drive (heh heh), is so violent that police, residents, politicians, and anyone with a decent IQ above niggers will not go down even during day light. The problem is so bad the police estimated that out of 90% of the “people” (Negros) on this road are armed at any time and can out gun the police.

  • ron wms says:

    Dat be were i staze-O-town. Savage jigs down here. I love this guy!!! Funny stuff!!!

  • Raptorman says:

    The Negroes may have more guns in that area but the police are better trained. I’ll take a well trained officer over a dozen Negroes jacked up on drugs anyday. Niggermania dot com

    note: There is no way to verify that the author of this comment is Raptorman or yet another impostor wishing he had the insightful genius of the original. Still the comment and reference to niggermania warrant approval and inclusion on this blog. Even though my name is shit there, I still appreciate those who frequent nigger bashing organizations.

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