Living With Niggers

May 22, 2007 § 7 Comments


Television teaches children that having a nigger at our Thanksgiving dinner table is OK. Having two or three niggers at our family reunion is normal. Living next door to a pack of niggers in an affluent neighborhood is common. Having a professional nigger managing our stock portfolio is feasible.   Having a nigger at our dinner table is as unnatural as sitting down with a goat or a tiger.  Having a horse help prepare the servings or a chimpanzee calling the children in to eat.  Television attempts to condition the young impressionable children to accept such ridiculous scenarios as normal.  When they grow up and mistakenly interbreed with these critters, they produce babies their parents must love and care for.  How can a grandparent or aunt or uncle speak truthfully of niggers when suddenly there’s one in the family creating little mixed nuts with their precious own?  It’s a sick conspiracy with no beneficial results except the widespread acceptance of typical nigger behavior.

I watch those videos of niggers in Africa…after 6,000 years of civilization, still running around with bones through their noses naked covered with elephant shit waving spears and I wonder how people can be so naive as to believe what they try to shove up our asses on television. 6,000 years and they still don’t know why a wheel rolls or how come when you drop a stone, it falls to the ground instead of floating to the heavens. Niggers aren’t retarded. That’s an insult to the learning disabled. Niggers are ten steps below the most evolved wild savage amoeba. They serve no purpose whatsoever. Niggers are nothing more than conversation pieces set free to stalk and kill us and take our stuff. When will the world wake the fuck up?

§ 7 Responses to Living With Niggers

  • We need a PNL public service announcement or commercial during a monkeyball game. Especially during the NBA.

  • blackpubwatch says:

    I recall that movie Independence Day with that nigger Will Smith and that jew Jeff Goldblum. At the end, after it was learned (by information given to civilazation by a white man) how to take down the alien craft, there was a scene where a nigger spearchucker in Africa was holding his spear in ‘warrior’ position and we would could see a crippled alien craft in ahead of him. Like we were supposed to believe that the spearchucker brought it down? Not sure what made me think of that, but perhaps your comment of those bogus videos of Africa.

  • Raptorman says:


    The movie you reference has practically every racial cliche in it known to man.

    Now let me get this right, in the military a Sambo who shacks up with an “exotic dancer” in a strip club who has a niglet born out of wedlock is the material of NASA?

  • jenafear says:

    Reminds me of the Disneyfied version I saw last week. There’s an Africa section of one of the Disney World parks where they have rundown buildings and such. Then you can go on an African safari or tours. They had some gorillas and elephants.

    Love the pic!

  • jim says:

    People should not hate Niggers they have been forced to live in a society where they can not have any hope of adapting. You do not let a lion or elephant live in your house and expect it to hold a job take care of its self or behave as a human does. This is the case with Niggers they should be sent back to Africa where they can live their life in the wild free to act and do as animals do in the wild. People forget that they are animals and not human. It is unfair to these beast to place them in or great society and expect them to be happy. When some one blames a nigger for acting out his normal animal aggressions it upsets me. Lets correct the big mistake own up to our past mistakes and send these beast to Africa where they will be happy . I guess we could keep some here in zoos for study and some at medical labs as they are a close relative of modern man.

  • intolerant says:

    Jim echoes the philosophy of this blog. We don’t hate niggers here. We want to help them exist in a more natural habitat where raping, killing, drug abuse, prostitution, kidnapping, slavery, torture and other forms of unnatural immoral animal activity is common. Detroit doesn’t count.

  • myhouse says:

    Hey man, I’m in Detroit… what a shithole.

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