I’m Wrong Again I Guess…

May 21, 2007 § 10 Comments


Why is it when ever self righteous liberal nigger lovers decide they can wage a battle of wits here, they never seem to be able to use the facts presented and counter with one single discounting point?  They are always condescending as if their phony political correctness charade places them far above any of us who have simply had enough nigger bullshit.  The latest brain genius took on the self appointed role of God to explain to me that civilization began on the African continent.  He called me ignorant of course, but also threw in the usual immature, angry, backwoods hillbilly, and unintelligent.  Ouch, that really hurt, coming from God Almighty himself.

Learning to be dynamic and understanding of the various shades and complexity of human culture will benefit you in the long run.  That’s what he said.  I should learn what makes niggers special.  I should be understanding.  I’d like to hear “god” explain those five savage apes who attacked that young couple in Tennessee back in January, and why it was dynamic for the national press to suppress the news story for fear of upsetting the shades of complexity involved.  Good Lord man, I hope God isn’t as ridiculous as this guy.  Not a word about crime rates, IQ or other differences directly related to uncivilized nigger behavior.  Just that I should learn to understand it. 

tinyape.jpgNewsflash Dad, I understand niggers more than you ever will.  I understand that trusting a nigger is like walking a tightrope a thousand feet above a razor wire filled pit of hungry alligators.  Trying to reason with a nigger is like trying to teach a piece of plywood the alphabet.  I wonder how many niggers live in the heavenly father’s neighborhood?  How many niggers ride his subway to work every morning and how pleasant it is to be among them?  How would understanding dynamic fucking savage beasts  have prevented the brutal rapes and murders back in January?  No answers to those questions.  Just the history of the African continent and some distorted belief that all human life originated there.  Even if that were accurate scientific fact, why would that influence my tolerance of violent wild animals running wild in our streets?  I don’t care who this namby little pussy nigger lover professes to be, God, or Jesus, or Oprah, they will never convince me I came from niggers with niggers from Africa. 

I anxiously await point by point explanations of crime statistics as reported by the department of justice from the lord.  I look forward to learning why niggers consistently score lower than whites on virtually any type of test that doesn’t utilize a round inflated ball.  Why their IQs are substantially lower on average than any other race?  Why why why?  If you’re going to come here to my home to tell me how wrong I am, I expect you to back it up with more than baloney bullshit and irrelevant statements.  The biggest surprise this guy gave me was he never even mentioned his dick.  I suppose for that I should be grateful…

§ 10 Responses to I’m Wrong Again I Guess…

  • Black Monitor says:

    Yawn, that tired old “Civilization originated in Africa and weez beez your daddy” faux argument again! That nigger argument is so full of holes it could be swiss cheese. And is there anything in Africa today to be proud of? NO, just a bunch of niggers doing the same TNB they’ve doing since the dawn of chimp time. Good job dismissing that nigger! Haha.

  • Saw the link on Niggermania. This site is hilarious. I love the jokes on the side. Some of the best jokes I have ever seen.

    How do we handle situations when we meet these primates in public and they chimp out by calling us “crackas”? I usually reply by calling them a Simian or a primate which gets me a confused look that I find so hilarious.

  • intolerant says:

    I can’t even imagine a situation like that. Seems to me if you are being accosted by a group (the only way they become aggresive) of niggers, you are one step away from being abducted and murdered. Avoiding niggers is the only accepted way of dealing with them. Poking at a wild unpredictable animal is dangerous. I admire you for your bravery. Calling them names they can’t understand is a ticket to the 9mm hall of fame.

  • intolerant says:

    I apologize to Black Monitor…for some reason your three comments were diverted to the spam folder. I’ve de-spammed them and set them where they were intended to go. Thanks for taking the time to comment, I appreciate all input, even the silly attempts to argue the facts.

  • Usually the she-boons are the ones quick to call a White person a “cracka”. Around here the darkies are tame, but I am waiting for an event to cause them to get uppity so we can squash it.

    Maybe Ape Sharpton might show up and give a little speech..

  • intolerant says:

    Yeah…sheboons are loud and aggressive; I’ve experienced that. Power outages usually get the apes restless. They don’t see it as an inconvenience, they see it as a profitable trip to the Walmart for some new sneakers or some plasma TVs.

    They get uppity when their check comes late…holy shit, you should see them chimp out when that happens, lawdy be!

  • 'nuffsenough says:

    You know, attempts have been made to return niggers to Africa at their request. It’s called Liberia. Anytime I encounter that “Africa’s where civilization sprang” argument, or “If niggers had their own country it’d be utopia” argument, I refer them to a study of Liberia (Assuming they can read).
    After being given a country, they became cross-dressing, wig-wearing, territorial, murderous cannibal creatures that have killed 300,000 of their “brothers” in the last decade alone.
    Not that any non-nigger has a responsibility to, but there is no pleasing this group of animals, no amount of money or aid will ever satisfy them. It’s a universal truth

  • intolerant says:

    They are savages. Below animals. Unable to survive on their own. Unable to progress without affirmative action. Unable to function socially. Unable…

  • jenafear says:

    He should learn to spell racist before whining about it! Another pretentious dumbass.

  • me says:

    I was correcting one of the niglets that live on my street, and he too made a comment “you just don’t understand us”. Well, maybe I just don’t care. I have better things to do than study these beasts. What more is there for us po’ dum white folk ta learn about these creatures, that we don’t already know? No text books required, reality is in our face.

    I like crackers.

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