Why They Just Keep Coming…

May 20, 2007 § 4 Comments


Nigger berf controle

A chimp whore would look at this picture and ax what it mean?  What wrong widdit?  I’ve seen the comparisons of niggers to retarded people and it occurred to me, the key difference is the word “people”.  Niggers are not retarded “people”, they are retarded apes.  Because no matter how developmentally disabled a retarded person is, they would never have the jungle ape instinct to kill, rob, use and sell drugs and procreate for profit like niggers do.  Calling niggers retards is a huge insult to these poor disabled people, but then they do suffer the same type of involuntary disability.  Retarded people didn’t become retarded by choice, and niggers can’t help the fact that their instinctive behavior is inherited from their ancestors still swinging from trees and dancing like spastics on hot coals back in the mother land. 

Niggers =apes    …    Retards=people.

§ 4 Responses to Why They Just Keep Coming…

  • me says:

    All niggers were considered retarded. The government had to raise the bar on whom was considered retarded just to allow these apes an equality in this country. So in other words, the average African-Ape has the same brainspan as a retarded white person. We went from grading people on their knowledge, to grading them on a curve. Our children our forced, in school, to only learn what a nigger is capable (should be) of learning.


  • Eugene says:

    I once met a idiot named Joe

    now i’ve finally met his family

  • intolerant says:

    I guess that really puts me in MY place. Eugene must be a real brain genius to have figured me out. I wonder where Eugene lives. I wonder if Eugene is black, and if so, which member of HIS family is currently incarcerated. How tolerant is Eugene of violent crime against HIS family of brilliant minds? Tell me Eugene…would you forgive a wild animal for raping your wife or daughter? Poor dear Eugene…wake up and smell the ape shit.

  • myhouse says:

    “wake up and smell the ape shit.”

    Yes, it’s obviously just a finger sniff away.

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