The Burning Question From The Search Terms Today…

May 20, 2007 § 2 Comments


It is a typical misconception that niggers are evolved from apes or in the case of this inquiry, gorillas.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.  Niggers and gorillas are of the same species and of somewhat equal evolutionary status.  The similarity ends there though.  While gorillas continue to adapt to their surroundings and therefore evolve, niggers still seem to be stuck in a pattern of denial and refusal to advance on their own.  The rage that builds from this stagnation is released upon human society, the human society that has mistakenly left the cage doors opened.  It has become too dangerous to walk the city streets without a Safari Guide because of this violent rage.  Rage born from devolution.  From moving backward from the apes into a level far beyond the comprehension of any human being.  Gorillas should not be insulted with comparisons to niggers aside from physical characteristics.  Gorillas are far more domesticated.



§ 2 Responses to The Burning Question From The Search Terms Today…

  • jenafear says:

    that’s a well endowed Sharpton. that’s all he has going for him.

  • me says:

    That’s disgusting. Like a nasty donkey dong at the zoo. Looks like a 10 inch disease infested rape tool.

    Off subject: We just had a drive-by shooting last night about 10 houses down from me. The household has 9 niggers living in it, and the perps are also, of course, monkeys. In 2000, it was 67% black, and 25% white… Now 87% black. 20 more percent in 7 years = 20% more crime.

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