Thanks Niggermania

May 18, 2007 § 6 Comments


I would just like to thank for their support and especially for telling people about Fed Up.  I will continue to do my best to provide an entertaining escape from the ape infested world of misguided reality.  Knowing so many truly enlightened human beings are now coming to see the place, I’ll take extra care to make it a quality visit for everyone.  I have begun to receive those irritating comments from stupid niggers who can only counter our disgust of them with names and vulgar interpretations of a butchered English language.  I will not moderate my comments, I will simply delete them as I find them.  Sometimes letting them sit for folks to see is more telling of their capacity to argue for their case.  Or rather, incapacity to argue.  What ever.  Watch the niggers trip over their blabbering lips as they try to defend their savage behavior by calling me ignorant and running away.


Thanks Niggermania!

§ 6 Responses to Thanks Niggermania

  • hammer says:

    Congrats! Keep on telling it how it is. I shouldn’t bitch about trolls you’ve got your hands full over here.

  • intolerant says:

    It’s expected here…they can’t help showing off how stupid they are!

  • Chris says:

    A nigger’s command of the English language, is laughable at best.
    Concerning the rape/murder………………my blood continues to boil over.
    I’m sick of talking. We need to put our heads together and use them for something other than a hat-rack. Talk to me.

  • intolerant says:

    There is a rally in Tennessee to protest the way the press ignores such black on white crimes Chris. Check out niggermania for details. This is just a blog. A place for talking and venting frustrations. I am angry too. I have a new fear of nigger behavior after reading about that poor couple, but all I can do is be aware of my surroundings and NEVER ever trust a nigger. Trying to do anything these days jeopardizes your own well being, your financial condition and turns you into the scape goat for more of their bullshit cries of racism. It’s a shame that not wanting to become the victim of a brutal violent crime constitutes racism but in these times of bizzarro world logic, it does. We are wrong for feeling victimized because a pack of niggers had to pick cotton 400 fucking years ago. It’s big money today. When a yard ape like Al Sharpton can make an extravagant living out of screaming racism the world has turned itself inside out. I’ve given up. It’s too easy for the press to control what is and isn’t seen and though I endorse rallies and protests like the one scheduled this month in Tennessee, I don’t see it getting any publicity beyond the local 6 o’clock news there. It’s a damn disgrace.

  • Raptorman says:

    I can assure you the pleasure is all ours you have an extremely high quality blog that needs to be shared with the world.

    Got to tell you though your blog entry on the Knoxville Wild Niggers has upset me ever since I read it. Took me a couple days; I would read a sentence then stop because I couldn’t go on only to come back later that day or the next and read another sentence. Took me four days to read the entire entry.

    Words and phrases like “Drano”, “three day gang rape” and “body found in the kitchen in six separate garbage bags” really struck it home to me.

    All this horror but you know what I found to be the worst of it? It appears, perhaps you will confirm it, other niggers in the coonmunity KNEW what was going on in that shithole of a house and never said a word to stop it.

    The truth of it is all clear to me, we’re in a race war and most humans refuse to recognize it.

    The story of the Knoxville Niggers should be all the confirmation humanity needs to recognize niggers are not equal or ever human. Niggers are nothing more then wild animals we allow to roam free. Someday we will recognize the size of the nigger herd demands it be managed.

    When I get email from niggers it always, always and without exception, comes down to Muh Dik!.

    It’s always about the shitskin wanting to stick his muh dik up my ass, sticking his muh dik up my wife, daughters ass or my mothers ass. Something about shitskins sticking their muh dik up anyone’s ass seems to be a real turn on to them.

    Plain and simple niggers are retarded faggot animals.

  • intolerant says:

    I have found that this disturbing story has begun to circulate farther and wider through email forwarding and blogging. It is really becoming a big story finally. If we don’t see it surface in the MSM within the coming week, then we know exactly how right we all are in calling them biased and cowardly. I want Sharpton and Jackson to explain to the human race how this behavior is a result of that young couples behavior and not the savage beasts who attacked them for no reason. Even a fucking tiger has more survival instinct than a nigger. He will attack for food. Niggers do it for no other reason but because they can. And society has decided it’s OK to allow them this freedom to avoid being labeled racist.

    Television teaches children that having a nigger at our Thanksgiving dinner table is OK. Having two or three niggers at our family reunion is normal. Living next door to a pack of niggers in an affluent neighborhood is common. Having a professional nigger managing our stock portfolio is feasible. I watch those videos of niggers in Africa…after 6,000 years of civilization, still running around with bones through their noses naked covered with elephant shit waving spears and I wonder how people can be so naive as to believe what they try to shove up our asses on television. 6,000 years and they still don’t know why a wheel rolls or how come when you drop a stone, it falls to the ground instead of floating to the heavens. Niggers aren’t retarded. That’s an insult to the learning disabled. Niggers are ten steps below the most evolved wild savage amoeba. They serve no purpose whatsoever. Niggers are nothing more than conversation pieces set free to stalk and kill us and take our stuff. When will the world wake the fuck up?

    Maybe when this brutal double murder story hits the front pages of newspapers and the cable TV headline news. When it is circulated so vehemently that someone HAS to stand up and explain why a big news story like this happened in January, and it is still a new story in MAY? I shake my head muttering “fucking niggers” two or three times a day. It’s maddening.

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