The longest-winded non argument in the brief history of FED UP

May 12, 2007 § 6 Comments


Please read the following post and comments

1: Of course, we differ on the racial thing. Unfortunately that festering-chode- sweat -sorry -excuse for a DNA pool you fellars crawled out of is growing bigger and murkier. I might have to off myself before I drown in the pig shit you bathe in.

2: This is like a superiority orgy. You clearly are an uncultured loser. And I am better than you. If you serve a function in society-and that is a big fucking IF-its for other people to realize they don’t have it so bad…I bet you are sitting in womens’(sic)  panties right now jerking off to kiddie porn.

3:  you are still trapped by the reality of not being. Endlessly, you wait for someone to liberate you from what you call disturbing and disgusting. You blame others for what you call yourself. But, entirely, you are responsible for your life. You may be limited by the failures of others-they are only others, not skin based formations sent to haunt you-yet, there is nothing you can do to change this except embrace the singularity of your existence. I am sick of exuse (sic) making so as to cloud realty (sic). And not, thereafter, accept the dump you have taken on society. You are pathetic. Your lack strength. You lack wisdom. You lack you. You are a manifestation of other peoples’ ideas- that is so cute. You fucking robot.

4:  you are a redneck-when you continually assume to know what “race” i (sic) am. It is not poetic bullshit. These other nations you speak of have been tortured and raped by capitilistic (sic) voracity. They have been emptied of resources and left to fail. The policy failures you see, and i belive (sic sic)will continue to see, in afghanistan (sic) and Iraq, are the mere beggingings (sic) of imperialistic approaches that have historically proved futile.  Of course, if you had any sense of history you wouldn’t have this blog. But you are right. I shouldn’t assume anything about your character-i (sic) am sure you are a professor or something…

Beyond this I still could not find anything addressing the issues of race and the facts presented on this blog relating to it.  He fails to argue specific points.  He attempts to steer the debate in directions not applicable to this blog.  He is simply unable to argue the logical presentations so he turns to insults, assumptions and insignificant off topic points.  For this reason, I have decided to delete any further comments he posts unless he can sufficiently express a coherent intelligent point by point debate of WHAT IS WRITTEN HERE.  He says I am over simplifying.  I say He is over complicating. This blog is not dedicated to blaming blacks for wars overseas, or other social problems not related to blacks.  It is about the drag blacks in general have become on society.  But more specifically, it is about people like him who insist on allowing it to be excused and over analyzed.  It is not about gaining attention personally either, as he has inferred.  That was my last intention if it were even an intention at all.  My purpose was to type my frustrations somewhere.  To just say what a huge percentage of the domesticated white population has wanted to say out loud for years.  And if anyone would just take a look at 99% of the comments left here, I think I am correct in that estimated statistic.    Theory is a nice safe place to argue from when one is young, stupid and still trying to absorb an education.  Practical applications in life will prove disappointing to the average hopeful graduate setting out for the first time on his own.  If not, then he has been totally brainwashed and will only respond as a violent crime victim when the time comes.  I really am sorry this guy couldn’t contribute one single iota of an argument to the arena.  He truly thinks he did, but a look back at his words proves differently.   He tossed out some pretty good (yet lame) insults.  Made assumptions and mixed up fancy words to sound like they might mean something, but in the end, he has not given us anything to even think about.  He is the article one might read on a most boring subject and come to the conclusion it was only there to take up space.  A compilation of words that mean absolutely nothing.  A good example would be a financial analysis that refers to certain market figure trends that can be used to determine fiscal stability in an environment of negative growth while still facilitating positive gains in structured funds.  An obvious result would be a gain in potential buyers while still maintaining a solid base for further decomposition of stock values.   Sounds like it might actually mean something, but alas…it’s just a flowing group of words that mean nothing at all.  That’s what European Schoolboy has produced.  Space occupying garbage.  Too bad. 


§ 6 Responses to The longest-winded non argument in the brief history of FED UP

  • jenafear says:

    The young scholar is full of shit. Maybe one day he will learn.
    Funny search terms…

  • intolerant says:

    After rereading his comments and looking at his tracking data, I honestly think he may be too stupid to even know there is more to the blog than just that one post. The latest drunken implosion was golden. His true value showed through all of his psuedo educated blather by posting those few comments! It kinda put the humor back into the blog.

  • Chris says:

    Blah, blah, blah.
    A big bun, but “where’s the beef”?
    Zero substance.
    Must be an academic from Community College de Italia.

  • intolerant says:

    Any further attempts by him to post will be met with deletion unless he continues to display his glowing idiocy.

  • me says:

    It’s people like that, the ones who refuse FACTS, that are destroying us all. They stand up for the poor helpless criminals. It would be like telling a Jehova’s Witness, the truth about their cult.

    What’s the difference between a black man and a nigger? Nothing.

  • TennesseeWoman says:

    For a college educated person, his writing and spelling are for absolute shit. I’m a high school grad, and my spelling is a damn sight better.

    What’s that old saying? Better to keep your mouth shut and have people think you’re a fool rather than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

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