May 6, 2007 § 13 Comments


Finally, someone came and explained my mistakes to me here at Fed Up.  Aside from me being a sexual pervert, which I never knew, this scholar fed me a fact that quite frankly made me feel sorry for apes.  Apes and monkeys and gorillas, not niggers.  He told me that chimpanzees are actually more evolved than human beings.  I’m not quite sure how to process that information assuming Darwin was correct…  More evolved?  In what way I should ask, but didn’t.  I guess it’s got something to do with the way apes have created their own civilized communities and advanced so technologically beyond the human race.  I could tell I was dealing with a superior mind.  What a revelation.

All this time I have been comparing niggers to apes when in fact, apes are far more evolved than people.  But wait a minute.  Was my friend trying to tell me that because niggers and apes were so much alike, they are actually far more evolved than ME?  I do believe his words were to the effect that people like me and my loyal readers are the contributing factors in the genetic collapse of the human race.  So was he conceding the premise I make placing blacks at the same level as apes and therefore telling me that by drawing such a conclusion, I was in fact complimenting niggers?  And that niggers are in fact not human but apes?  Or is he trying to make a funny joke on me that I inadvertently handed niggers the most evolved award?  I really don’t know his point to be honest.  He ranted on everything from American foreign policy to Iraq and Afghanistan, to me sitting in women’s underwear (supposedly an insult assuming I am a man) and looking at kiddie porn, to my inadequacy once again sexually.  It was tough to tell.  He seems happy to explain it, but he only seems to confuse things more and further analyze my dysfunctional sexuality.  He seems obsessed with how I get off.  As if he has these fantasies he needs to project on someone else.  His life experience seems dim, likely because he is too young to have ever really lived in a world of niggers.  Obviously hasn’t had the chance to watch as his paychecks are torn to shreds so niggers can continue to breed more recipients of his money to pay for their malt liquor and Kools.  He is glad to hand it all over I suppose.  He has never met anyone who has been brutalized by savage niggers.  Too bad.  Perhaps he would look a little deeper in his fact book on evolution.  He has never had to exist where niggers kill people for a bag of nickel deposit soda cans.  He still thinks that behavior is my fault.  My genetics are responsible for the failures of niggers…my contribution to the collapse of the human race.

My intolerance is the problem…

But I digress.  This post is to apologize to the advance race.  The far superior Chimpanzees who have evolved so far beyond the human race we should all be ashamed.  I’ve been insulting intelligent monkeys by associating them with niggers and I am truly sorry.  I just hope they can forgive me and move on.

§ 13 Responses to Enlightened

  • jenafear says:

    I am sure with the chimps higher level of evolution and intelligence they would be able to determine what is funny and what isn’t, so they will forgive you for the comparison…

    I have to say it sure is entertaining to read your replies.

  • intolerant says:

    Ahhh Humor! The one flavor Italian Scholar Dweeb never quite grasped. He was too busy trying to figure out how I go about masturbaiting to MySpace profiles!

  • hammer says:

    Or to pictures of Chimpanzees dressed in tube tops and mini skirts 🙂

  • me says:

    So they went from tossing shit at each other to creating some hidden technologically advanced civilization?

    I will still call niggers Apes and Monkeys. They are a product of unsuccessful evolution.

  • intolerant says:

    yeah…me too. it seems to piss them off. You’d think as far advanced as chimps are, they’d be honored. Just can figure them out.

  • intolerant says:

    Check out this brain genius…she has the answer! Scroll down for her comment… http://intolerant.wordpress.com/2007/03/25/drops-in-crime-rates/#comment-390#comment-390

  • ben says:

    I’d like to invite the person that sent that email to visit a zoo I’ve been to. New Orleans…. the monkeys there will try to beg, steal money from you in public. They kill each other over $5, If they catch you alone, expect to be robbed, beaten, killed. I advise staying 50 miles from this exhibit. They’re violent, aggressive creatures.

  • Chris says:

    Our Father, who art in heaven, today I would like you give my thanks…….
    Thank you, dear Lord, for the superior intelligence you have bestowed upon the primate.
    Thank you dear Lord for the wisdom of Italian scholars, who have enlightened me to my own intellectual short-comings.
    In Jesus’ name I pray.

  • Raptorman says:

    An excellent blog I will come back often.

  • jenafear says:

    Well, you have friends now.

  • Ignorance is bliss says:

    Human Civilization originated in Africa, This is a scientific fact.

    All the races of man are offspring of the original ones.

    your jokes are funny but the overall presentation appears to be from an ignorant, inmature and angry individual.

    Being rasist is unproductive in our modern multicultural and global society. ( by all who practice this backward thought process)

    Good luck- may you find something positive to do with your life. insulting others in this format makes you look an unintelligent, backwoods hillbilly who took a couple of web design classes.

    please don’t take it personal. You are my child and it is my responsibility to correct one of my children when I see they are moving down the wrong road

    don’t bother to write in response. I have no time for this kidgames. If you don’t agree with my historical references. I beg you to search and research.
    I am sure you will easily find something to justify your position. However, the deeper you go the more likly you are stumble upon glimpses of the supressed truth

    learning to be dynamic and understanding of the various shades and complexity of human culture will benifit you in the long run.

    The original nigger ( your father)

  • intolerant says:

    Racism among blacks is what has fueled this anger. Your insinuation that you are God makes you look like an elitist. If you have no time for these kid games, then why did you bother to even read anything here? Your arguments and use of the word ignorant are typical of people who really can’t argue with the facts presented here and at other internet sites that do the same. You can address the humor with no sense of it, but why don’t you address the facts of savage primal behavior? Why don’t you, dear father, tell me why niggers in general are very bad people? Why they generally feed on other races to scratch by? Why in Africa, where it all began supposedly, they still jump around naked with spears, bathe in elephant piss and live a lower form of existence than any other animal on the planet? Why? Why after billions of years isn’t Africa the richest most technologically advanced continent on the planet if being where it all began means a thing?

    You need to focus on the facts of nigger behavior and stop wasting everyones time attacking points that speak on nothing to do with it. Typically calling people like me ignorant and hillbilly is not an argument. I don’t expect you will change your mind until you, your wife or husband or children are attacked and brutalized mercilessly by a nigger or pack of niggers. If you think you are doing the race a favor by arguing against me for them think again. They don’t want your help. They hate you. And they would kill you for it. Believe that.

  • myhouse (aka. me) says:

    QUOTE: “learning to be dynamic and understanding of the various shades and complexity of human culture will benifit you in the long run.”
    -Ignorance is bliss (aka: ignorant beotch)

    I live in the zoo with these ‘shades’ of animals. I did not move into the zoo, over a short period of time, a nice, safe, neighborhood became infested with the likes of ‘dynamic shades of complex human culture’. (although not complex, or human) The rapes, the murders, the robberies, the complete ignorance and disregard for any human being… so by telling me to be ‘dynamic and understanding’… well, obviously you’re the one with the closed mind. How can anyone ‘understand’ why your fellow porchmonkeys do the things they do?

    Do a Census search, ‘ignorant’, for any major city in this country. Look at the crime rates and the color population.

    BTW: Do you have a receipt for that computer you’re using?

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