In Defense Of Free Speech

April 11, 2007 § 9 Comments

Before this Imus monumental painful word attack, a lesser known incident involving a black basketball coach took place.  Micheal Ray Richardson blew a fuse at a game and screamed F-bombs and homophobic slurs at a heckling fan during a game.  Micheal Ray Richardson is about as black as black can be in case you’re wondering.  Later (or before…the time line isn’t important) during an interview with the local newspaper, he was asked about a contract he was about to sign.  He started an uneducated jive diatribe about his Jew Lawyers and how they be smart and they be crafty and went on and on with stereotypical remarks even after being warned they may be considered offensive.  In his tiny mind, he was being complimentary, and I tend to believe he was.  He’s a basketball player, not a scholar.

After a day or two, the league decided his comments were too offensive and fired Richardson from his coaching position.  The reasons were vague.  Most assumed it was his “anti-semitic” comments and reported it that way, which created another firestorm of bullshit.  Later however, a very brief, tiny report surfaced somewhere that I just happened to be listening.  It was the general manager of Richardson’s team explaining why he was fired.  I only heard the story once and never again anywhere.  You know how those things go.

The manager’s explanation was simple.  The organization will not stand for coaches engaging in vulgar exchanges with fans during games.  They just can’t respond to heckling, and certainly not with the F-word or other such offensive rant.  The references to homosexuals (faggot) wasn’t even the issue, it was the act itself and the vulgar language.  Kids sit in the bleachers at basketball games.  It made sense to me.  This behavior only escalates and could cause more of a chaotic situation.  But that wasn’t good enough for civil rights fuckfaces.  They needed this to be more than simply a broken mortal rule…

Now it’s widely believed Micheal Ray Richardson was fired because he made “anti-semitic” statements in an interview with a newspaper.  Perhaps the team and its general manager succumbed to pressure and changed their minds for the purpose of a more controversial news item.  Who knows?  But the fact is, I heard with no doubt whatsoever, the manager state the reasons as I have written above for the firing of the coach.  What is infuriating to me is Richardson’s comments about the Jews were not necessarily insulting or demeaning.  They were in fact as he stated he believed, complimentary to his lawyers and their entire religious group.  And I have to agree with him.  The fact that they are stereotyping Jews is what seems to be at issue.  But who should be offended if the stereotype is complimentary?  Certainly not the Jewish people.  I wish people would look at me and consider me brilliant and crafty based on my ethnicity!

I don’t really know how to end this except to say I believe everyone should be allowed to think as they see fit about who they like or who they don’t like.  Perhaps these public figures who use their media exposure to promote their personal feelings about others might be better off just shutting up, but why should anyone try and force them to apologize?  At least not for their personal beliefs.  Maybe for their inappropriate use of public airwaves, but certainly not for their own opinions.  The apologies only seem to dig them all in deeper holes.  Richardson tried to explain that a black man uses the word “faggot” in a different way than a white man.  He said blacks use it to incite a reaction where whites may take it as a homophobic statement.  Ok…he should have just left it at that, but he didn’t.  He dug deeper.  He likened it to white people calling blacks “nigger”.  He said if white folks knew the real meaning of the word they would never say it, and he is not offended by the use of the word.  Whaaa?   HUH?  I almost spit out my tongue.  The guy deserved to be fired now in my opinion.  And there should be no gray area as to why…

Because he is too fucking stupid to be allowed out in public.

§ 9 Responses to In Defense Of Free Speech

  • jenafear says:

    I don’t understand his explanation of the meaning of the word “faggot”… The apologies usually just further reveal the beliefs that offended people to begin with.

  • intolerant says:

    It’s incoherent. He digs himself in deeper with that analogy. The guy is an idiot on top of everything else he has going against him…

  • I like to call things like I see them and this guys is clearly a jackass. I don’t like to mince words. I cut to the quick and get to the heart of the matter. When the rubber hits the road I get down to business. You know what I mean? As a card carrying Nigger I offer a unique perspective on the buffoonery that Michael Ray Richardson engaged in. I don’t let him off the hook just because he’s one of my kind. You see, I’m not like other Niggers. If it weren’t for this dark skin and my quasi-human intellect I’d be one of you. Nigger Richardson is a fine example of why I hate most Niggers. I know you don’t hate them, but I do. Nigger Richardson is not only a complete imbecile, he’s not even that smart. And that’s that folks. I don’t waste any time buttering my bread. I get to the point.

  • intolerant says:

    “Card carrying nigger”…that’s priceless. You should refer to yourself with more respect as you obviously are capable of outshining the niggers I speak of here. Black skin or not, your comprehension, even if it is sarcastic and attempting to humiliate is far beyond that of the average nigger. I have been known to take a step back when confronted by articulate above average blacks who obviously see the importance of functioning in society in a civilized manner to get ahead with dignity. Taking responsibility for ones own life is important. Making excuses doesn’t fly. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on so many posts.

  • Well, I figured if I just came here and tried to take you to task — telling you that you were wrong and you were the enemy, etc — that I’d just be wasting everyone’s time. I don’t really begrudge you your right to sound off and say the taboo things that some people wish they could say. Plus, it gives me an opportunity to air out my sarcastic wit, which I generally try to rein in for the benefit of those who I interact with on a daily basis.

    Well, it’s back to work for me. Enjoy the rest of your day.

  • intolerant says:

    A pleasure having you. Your humor is as appreciated as your intelligent ability to send your message. I got it. Very good.

  • Scumbone says:

    Hey, most blacks aren’t niggers in my book. I work with loads of Africans, and they hate niggers more than I ever could. “Nigger” is a culture, not a race. Blacks choose to be niggers, or to be humans. It’s a clear distinction. Hopefully clear enough that we can program nigger-seeking missiles some day.

  • intolerant says:

    I don’t know that I’d say most blacks aren’t niggers. There are fewer with the ability to function in a civilized society than not. That’s why incarceration statistics are where they are. I agree, there are many blacks who do not deserve the word directed at them. But they are the ones who need to step up and lead the niggers out of their self destructive paths. Until they muster the stones to do that, they suffer the collateral distinction of the rest of them.

  • myhouse says:

    Bullshit. The word nigger which came from the word negro, which means black has always been for coloreds. The newer dictionaries are changing history by defining it otherwise. No matter what you want to believe, the word ‘nigger’ was made for all blacks. And even the whitest of black guys, is a nigger. Racial mixing babies are also niggers. Pretty much, if your not white, you’re a nigger!

    Kill em all, I’ll sort em out!

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