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What an opportunity!

  So sorry the link to the nigger song is dead.  I guess there just isn’t a place where anyone can post controversial videos on the internet.  Too bad. 

Those Wacky Democrats

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Sharpton To The White House One Way Or Another…

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Imagine the White House with these two pals…..


Look out for  the Clinton/Obama  ticket in ’08    The End of America as we know it.  New sign on the lawn of the White House…


Legislated Political Correctness

April 13, 2007 § 20 Comments

Soon it will be illegal to call a spade a spade…


If we continue to buy products from companies who cater to these ridiculous demands from these ridiculous niggers, we deserve what we get.  I used to think the  Planet of the Apes movies were fiction.

Now I can see how they will be all too real in generations to come.

Imus Ruined

April 12, 2007 § 7 Comments


The niggers have gotten rid of Imus.  I’m sure they’re pretty damn proud of themselves.  Never much liked the guy myself, but this should be a huge fucking wakeup call to white America.  The niggers and nigger fearing liberal pussies have taken control.  What’s fucking next?   This blog maybe?  My thoughts?  Your thoughts?  Unfuckingbelievable….


Retire in peace you big fucking pussy wuss.


In Defense Of Free Speech

April 11, 2007 § 9 Comments

Before this Imus monumental painful word attack, a lesser known incident involving a black basketball coach took place.  Micheal Ray Richardson blew a fuse at a game and screamed F-bombs and homophobic slurs at a heckling fan during a game.  Micheal Ray Richardson is about as black as black can be in case you’re wondering.  Later (or before…the time line isn’t important) during an interview with the local newspaper, he was asked about a contract he was about to sign.  He started an uneducated jive diatribe about his Jew Lawyers and how they be smart and they be crafty and went on and on with stereotypical remarks even after being warned they may be considered offensive.  In his tiny mind, he was being complimentary, and I tend to believe he was.  He’s a basketball player, not a scholar.

After a day or two, the league decided his comments were too offensive and fired Richardson from his coaching position.  The reasons were vague.  Most assumed it was his “anti-semitic” comments and reported it that way, which created another firestorm of bullshit.  Later however, a very brief, tiny report surfaced somewhere that I just happened to be listening.  It was the general manager of Richardson’s team explaining why he was fired.  I only heard the story once and never again anywhere.  You know how those things go.

The manager’s explanation was simple.  The organization will not stand for coaches engaging in vulgar exchanges with fans during games.  They just can’t respond to heckling, and certainly not with the F-word or other such offensive rant.  The references to homosexuals (faggot) wasn’t even the issue, it was the act itself and the vulgar language.  Kids sit in the bleachers at basketball games.  It made sense to me.  This behavior only escalates and could cause more of a chaotic situation.  But that wasn’t good enough for civil rights fuckfaces.  They needed this to be more than simply a broken mortal rule…

Now it’s widely believed Micheal Ray Richardson was fired because he made “anti-semitic” statements in an interview with a newspaper.  Perhaps the team and its general manager succumbed to pressure and changed their minds for the purpose of a more controversial news item.  Who knows?  But the fact is, I heard with no doubt whatsoever, the manager state the reasons as I have written above for the firing of the coach.  What is infuriating to me is Richardson’s comments about the Jews were not necessarily insulting or demeaning.  They were in fact as he stated he believed, complimentary to his lawyers and their entire religious group.  And I have to agree with him.  The fact that they are stereotyping Jews is what seems to be at issue.  But who should be offended if the stereotype is complimentary?  Certainly not the Jewish people.  I wish people would look at me and consider me brilliant and crafty based on my ethnicity!

I don’t really know how to end this except to say I believe everyone should be allowed to think as they see fit about who they like or who they don’t like.  Perhaps these public figures who use their media exposure to promote their personal feelings about others might be better off just shutting up, but why should anyone try and force them to apologize?  At least not for their personal beliefs.  Maybe for their inappropriate use of public airwaves, but certainly not for their own opinions.  The apologies only seem to dig them all in deeper holes.  Richardson tried to explain that a black man uses the word “faggot” in a different way than a white man.  He said blacks use it to incite a reaction where whites may take it as a homophobic statement.  Ok…he should have just left it at that, but he didn’t.  He dug deeper.  He likened it to white people calling blacks “nigger”.  He said if white folks knew the real meaning of the word they would never say it, and he is not offended by the use of the word.  Whaaa?   HUH?  I almost spit out my tongue.  The guy deserved to be fired now in my opinion.  And there should be no gray area as to why…

Because he is too fucking stupid to be allowed out in public.

Wild Animals Bite The Hands That Feed Them Once Again

April 10, 2007 § 5 Comments

Let’s be clear; I am no fan of Don Imus.

After some review of the history of Imus and talks with a couple of rabid fans who claim to be non racist nigger fearing liberals, I’ve come to the conclusion that we should let these imbecile activists continue their attack of the man for his very accurate descriptions of a woman’s basketball team.  I saw Sharpton babble away like a street nigger attacking Imus for a comedy routine he  apologized for and blatantly regrets.  Sharpton will not be satisfied until Imus is fired from his 30+ year career.  How ridiculous.  Imus has spent his entire life defending these animals and pretending, like most eaten up liberals that they deserve special treatment for the obstacles created by whitey racism.  Now because he utters a few comical words on a comedy program, he is turned into a demon racist.  Talk about biting the hand that feeds you.  Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have both been invited guests in Imus’ radio show to promote their presidential (cough) campaigns.  Now they want him fired. 


Two words Mr Sharpton.  Tawana Brawley.


Just a few minutes ago, the entire womans basketball team made famous now by Don Imus sits on MSNBC blabbling-blabba-blaba blab away of their hurt, disgust and hurtful disgust wiff Mr Imuses deplorigable reffences to dem as “nappy headed hos”.  These are a band of proud Rutgers University students who cannot form sentences or speak in a manner to be understood by human beings.  We be hurt.  He be saying dese things…  Quite frankly, these proud women should be a disgraceful embarrassment to the college.  The only articulate speaker for the team was white.  If the entire race of people knew what was good for them, they would pack up their fucking marbles and all just go home. 

But no.  These idiots continue to insist on pissing off a man who has spent his career defending and uplifting their sorry black asses.  And pissing off the fans of this man who may have believed as he did that they do deserve such special favors based on their race.  This is why I have had just about enough of ungrateful fucking niggers.  None of this really matters to any of them except for what they are being told by proven frauds like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson.  It has gone far beyond being just blown out of proportion.  Having these young women jive talking on live national television parroting the words of these dumb ass manipulative niggers is the height of absurdity.  And the range of people it will continue to piss off will be staggering to their race.  When will niggers learn to never hitch their horses to the Sharpton/ Jackson wagon of inane self promotion?  If the team had just said thanks but no thanks perhaps it would just go away.  But now it will continue to boil over…and the niggers will lose, whether they will even know it or not.  White people are getting tired of their shit.  Even the nigger loving white people.


Sharpton stated on the Today Show that “his people” will boycott advertisers products from the Don Imus radio show…”His people” will not watch NBC or listen to his radio show.  It was pathetic.  This is a race of people who couldn’t get enough of themselves together to chip in on a bucket of chicken and now they’re going to cripple the financial worlds of major companies for continuing to advertise on the Don Imus show!  This is just how stupid he is.  I suppose “his people” might not steal any more of the products advertised on the Imus show, or watch any more programs on their neighbors stolen TV.  Or listen to Imus on the radio in their defaulted leased Nissans.  “His People…”  What an asshole.  He is counting on a group of “his people” who are either incarcerated, illiterate, on drugs or drunk, or criminals on the street to follow through on his promise to not let this go.  The coming days will be most interesting to watch.  The destruction these black “leaders” have inflicted upon the equal rights movements should become more and more evident.  Advice to the niggers:  Cut and RUN!


He’s turning over in his grave right now.

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