Tin Can Rich

March 25, 2007 § 30 Comments

Niggers with shotguns.  Not whites with shotguns.  Not Asians with shotguns.  Not even Hispanics with shotguns.  Niggers.  A van load pulls up to a bus stop at one o’clock in the morning and slides open the door.  The apes inside level shotguns at the two homeless men waiting for the late bus with their bags of aluminum nickel deposit cans and rob them. 

How can anyone defend these stupid actions?  I’m sure there is some explanation that will show it to be our fault as a society that hasn’t yet taught our disadvantaged youth that this is wrong.  Our fault.  And even suggesting that the perpetrators have any responsibility in the crime can only be considered racism.  They were held as slaves four hundred years ago.  Those homeless guys at least owed them a days worth of can collecting.

Trying to figure out what would make any rational human being think it would be profitable to rob at gunpoint two ragged men carrying clear plastic bags filled with empty cans is insane.  The only explanation is there is no explanation.  But we are not talking about rational human beings thinking.  We are talking about wild animals with guns and suspended drivers licenses.  Now it begins to make more sense. 

I anxiously await the first bleeding heart to come tell me how this type of robbery is my fault.  Why I should tolerate it and how I can help stop it by not talking about it in terms of race or in this case, species.  I am waiting to hear from anyone who thinks I am wrong.  Please.  Is there anyone?

§ 30 Responses to Tin Can Rich

  • jenafear says:

    Crime is crime and the excuses are part of the problem, in my opinion.

    Gotta wonder what kind of morons would try to rob homeless guys…I know you offer an explanation but it still blows my mind. I guess it’s a given they will be caught with that level of thinking (or not) involved in their crimes.

  • intolerant says:

    That’s the up side Jen…These critters are so stupid, they almost always get caught. If they get away with it this time, they’ll get nailed the next or the next. They never stop until they are caught. And they always get caught. Because they are so very stupid.

  • Scumbone says:

    Maybe they thought there was some grape soda in those cans.

  • intolerant says:

    Malt Liquor…after midnight niggers are looking for Colt 45 Malt Liquor.

  • The Artist Ariosto says:

    YUPPPPPPPP! YUPPPPPPPPP! COMEEEEEEEEE ONNNNNNNN YOUUUUUUU WHITE TRASH COME AND GET YURR SUPPER!!! WHOSE GONNA SUCK MOMMA’s TIT FIRST TONIGHT! I am a bit of a fascist myself. I believe stupid people shouldn’t breed. Of course, we differ on the racial thing. Unfortunately that festering-chode- sweat -sorry -excuse for a DNA pool you fellars crawled out of is growing bigger and murkier. I might have to off myself before I drown in the pig shit you bathe in.

  • intolerant says:

    Please…off yourself. Defending your brothers is only making you as worthless.

  • Calvacanti says:

    I love it. This is like a superiority orgy. You clearly are an uncultured loser. And I am better than you. If you serve a function in society-and that is a big fucking IF-its for other people to realize they don’t have it so bad. Their parents weren’t perverts. They went to good schools. They drive decent cars.They even got laid on occassion. And their only real worries are that some sociopath, come tu (thats another langauge, I bet english evades you), is going to kidnap their child. I bet you are sitting in womens’ panties right now jerking off to kiddie porn.

  • intolerant says:

    What amuses me about your argument is it can only call me names and assume I am a sexual pervert. Speak of the statistics I present throughout the blog. Explain the reasons why the species is so lazy; so dependent on whitey; so prone to criminal behavior; so unable to speak in a language that doesn’t immediately identify them for what they are. Granted, you may be able to produce a coherent sentence or two, but you spew nothing of substance. My entire family, all my friends and their families…never been in jail. Bet you can’t say the same. If this level of truth and reality is too much for your poor limited mind to tolerate, why do you return so often? Do you honestly think you are hurting the blog by commenting with ridiculous typical insults? Read the others who have commented here. They’re as sick of your stupidity and excuses for your loser race as I am. My search engine criteria data is an endless list of people looking for like minded others who are just plain sick of you niggers. When you use some of the education you obviously have been given, you should be using it to fix your loser brothers rather than waste it coming here trying to hurt my delicate feelings by calling me a transvestite child molester. But alas…you’re a nigger…you’re waiting for the Man to fix everything for you. You’re waiting for me to excuse your lack of insight into the real problems with your race and blindly accept your behavior as normal. It’s not normal or acceptable. It’s pathetic and you, as an educated member should be ashamed of the disgrace your race brought upon those of you who can truly succeed. But you continue to feed it. You excuse it and make excuses for it. You shall never rise above the level you are so long as you don’t take it upon yourselves to correct it. That is the point of this entire blog. It is designed to show you that you are responsible for me. You created this anger and disgust. You, not my parents. Not my sad sorry life. YOU. Take responsibility. Fucking asshole.

  • jenafear says:

    Well said, Intol.

  • Calvacanti says:

    Yes, but you are still trapped by the reality of not being. It is cute. I guess you are too. Endlessly, you wait for someone to liberate you from what you call disturbing and disgusting. You blame others for what you call yourself. But, entirely, you are responsible for your life. You may be limited by the failures of others-they are only others, not skin based formations sent to haunt you-yet, there is nothing you can do to change this except embrace the singularity of your existence. I am sick of exuse making so as to cloud realty. And not, thereafter, accept the dump you have taken on society. You are pathetic. Your lack strength. You lack wisdom. You lack you. You are a manifestation of other peoples’ ideas- that is so cute. You fucking robot.

  • intolerant says:

    Such poetic bullshit. Unfortunately, you still belong to a race of failure. You fail at every turn. There isn’t a nation on earth governed by your race that can function in a civilized manner. Again, you address a perception of me and neglect to speak of the facts I have presented in this blog concerning the worthlessness you represent. It’s unfortunate also that you identify with the shotgun toting criminals rather than the scattered few who can manage to live decent lives. I’m glad you like to visit here regularly and show your inability to argue intelligently. I’m still waiting to hear something of value. Keep posting. You prove my points in a unique way.

  • Calvacanti says:

    And you continue to prove mine-that you are a redneck-when you continually assume to know what “race” i am. It is not poetic bullshit. These other nations you speak of have been tortured and raped by capitilistic voracity. They have been emptied of resources and left to fail. The policy failures you see, and i belive will continue to see, in afghanistan and Iraq, are the mere beggingings of imperialistic approaches that have historically proved futile. The world will, one day, come of a new order. And it will produce new fruitbaskets, like you, that will have new people to blame for the state of things. Of course, if you had any sense of history you wouldn’t have this blog. But you are right. I shouldn’t assume anything about your character-i am sure you are a professor or something…

    This will be my last post.

  • intolerant says:

    I am quite aware you are most likely not a poor black person struggling to argue with this so called “redneck” as you pound away at your keyboard in Europe.

    No sir, these Nations I speak of have been tortured and raped by their own capitalistic voracity- by the leaders themselves. Africans were sold into slavery by their own people. I don’t believe there is a single word that would blame American foreign policy failure on black people, but again you make assumptions.

    Anyone who would not embrace uncivilized behavior; not condone sitting home waiting for public assistance; not excuse violent criminal activity; not accept drug abuse; not love rude loud inconsiderate animal-like public display; must be a redneck George W Bush loving imperialistic capitalist.

    Do the world a favor, stay in Italy and prosper there. Your excuses only make the whole mess worse and we don’t need any more like you here stirring the pot. And finally, you make an assertion that is closer to correct than you would feel comfortable with. But alas, you will never know as that was your final word. Good. You are a bore.

    As is typical, you make no argument for the actual subject, turn it into an argument you can obviously speak on although totally off topic, drop your words and run off. Because the issues addressed in this blog have nothing to do with Iraq or Afghanistan or your hatred for America. You are unable to continue. There are plenty of redneck blogs out there that would be happy to argue with you. Go find one of them. This is not one you can even begin to understand. Any further babble from you will be deleted. You’ve been given a chance to produce evidence to contradict the facts and statistics laid out throuout this blog and you have failed to do so. You can only call me names and analyze my pathetic life and lack of education. Even if you were right about any of it, you still have not made an argument. I will give you a useful tip though. Ingest a lot of olive oil. It is the key to a long life.

  • Anonymous says:

    Ok, I couldn’t help myself.

    You oversimplify the nature of these problems. Your reductionism certainly is more accessible to your readers. ALAS, many of the World’s problems are not mutually exclusive; foreign policy and your outrageous claims included. You live in a world of mutual exclusivity. Otherwise you would collapse under the weight of logic.

    It may not seem to you (rather, you would like to attempt to debase what i have said) that foreign policy has anything to do with your suggestions. The world is a tiny place. These things you argue, the history you seek to make out of phantoms, only takes sitting on your couch with a remote and a little bitterness- it is not reaching.

    FUN FACT! Did you know that ACTUAL chimpanzees are more evolved than we are? That is, if you don’t already have an oversimplified outlook of Darwin ( or, if you aren’t claiming it has no merit). Something tells me you, and your readership, are probably the progeny responsible for this genetic collapse. Therefore, the cause of the devolution of our species. I am insulting. But you insult the world.

    (Do you get off on being marginal? Emo kids do too. Check out MySpace great stuff there)

    You give birth to the wind.

  • intolerant says:

    I’m marginal. I don’t understand the problems of the world are intensified because I am FED UP with niggers destroying communities and soaking a living off of my hard earned tax dollar, and raping and killing our women. I make the statistics. It’s all my fault and those who might agree with me. You make a valid point. Because monkeys are more evolved, I should have more tolerance for the shortcomings of the black race. or is it, I mistakenly feel it is insulting to compare blacks to apes when in fact I am complimenting them, since apes are so much more evolved than rednecks like me. Wow…I better take this whole blog down and start apologizing to the monkeys. I’ve been insulting them all along.

  • This week's bread and butter says:

    I guess i am lucky. I don’t even know anyone who has been raped. Wait, oh, yeah, i know that-statistically (since you love statistics) 1 and 3 women will be raped in her lifetime. I also know that this often happens at a young age by a paternal figure. Or, by a collar-popping frat boy of your backwards virtues. I also know that blacks make up 12% of America. I guess you could assume that 6% of them are probably women. Leaving 6% who are male. Then, if you want, you could subtract those whose reproductive organs haven’t dropped and those who aren’t popping Viagra. Where are we at statistically now? In your opinion, we could also assume they are probably off overdosing or shooting each other. Since gangbanging is a youthful activity, it seems that would leave even less of the “rape-capable” population around. If around 1-2% of blackmen are out raping white women, I wonder how they find the time to procreate their own race? Damn, that’s talent. I respect them on that alone. You should support this. Logically, they will all be gone if this keeps up!

    You and your statistics. You fucking nimrod.

  • This week's bread and butter says:

    Maybe you are simply projecting misgivings of your own libido.

  • intolerant says:

    Again…your wishful perception of my sexuality is your only argument. pathetic…Go away you fucking dumb ass.

    You said you were done two posts ago. Moron.

  • hammer says:

    Interesting exchange. Obviously they have never read the FBI crime statisitcs.

    12% of the population responsible for 60% of the murders and 40% of the rapes.

    At least last I checked, might be higher now.

  • intolerant says:

    But it’s my fault. Those numbers were created by me.

  • I'm still your fag. says:

    You continue to divert most of what i am saying onto yourself. I guess that is my bad. Yet, it seems that maybe its your own self-worship, egocentric, cry-baby nonsense that makes you who you are. You are like most of the rest of this blogging world–neurotically dreaming that everything has come to hurt you, everything is about you, and that the world’s problems have a face and can be traced back to a certain time.

    You ignore the other things I do say. If i really felt like writing something that wasn’t trying to partially insult you- that wouldn’t be as fun. Like i said, you are an insult.

    The 12% assumes that, simply because it matches the 12% of America that is black, all those criminals must be black. Hey big guy, great website. Hey FBI guy, welcome to the party. I would look that shit up later. But, I don’t have time to properly jerk myself off.

    The USA also has the largest prison population in the entire world. If that doesn’t suggest something about our society I don’t know what does.

    I continue to return. I enjoy debating. I also enjoy that you continually fail to argue. Also, why are you crossing shit out? Its not like no one can read it. Unless you are TRYING to call attention to it. It is going to be hysterical if you try and make this about YOU again. This website isn’t about real problems or things that exist. IT IS ABOUT YOUR CRYING ASS WANTING ATTENTION. Just like all those emo websites i gave you shit about before. Except they at least are, on a good day, trying to become part of the solution-they attempt to cut their wrists. You should practice a little intolerance on yourself wise guy.

    Wanna actually try and debase my arguments? A high school debate team would own you. Probably the one at your high school-if you went to high school. I am assuming again. But sometimes, when you shoot in the dark, you hit something. I have to admit this isn’t really about proving you wrong- I already know you are wrong. This is about trying to shit on your day a little bit.

    You are a bully with a website. That’s like having a penis and no balls. I can see it coming–you are going to say i assume things about you. I speak in metaphors and aphorisms. The world is a paradoxical place. Reduction is for the weak. You are going to need longer legs to cross these mountains (name that philosopher and i swear i will never return). I smote you.


    Time to start my day… I miss you!

  • intolerant says:

    “It is going to be hysterical if you try and make this about YOU again. This website isn’t about real problems or things that exist. IT IS ABOUT YOUR CRYING ASS WANTING ATTENTION. ”
    Who is making this “debate” about ME again, idiot? Your own words from the very beginning of your comment make this about me, because quite frankly, you STILL cannot address the specific issues of this blog. You have a very nice way of rambling on about absolutely nothing and saying very little to the subject at hand. You suck…plain and simple. Please be advised, you will be deleted if you return. You have nothing to add. I tried to give you a chance to say something…ANYTHING intelligent, but you once again failed. I would have answered logical specific arguments. You failed to give any. Good bye asswipe. BTW…I left your idiotic non-argument posts crossed out rather than deleted so intelligent readers may witness your inability to present one single valid argument. Glad you told me it could still be read through the line-out…I was worried.

  • Shake yo shit motherfucker! says:

    You are awesome. I wish i was you. I bet i would have way more fun. Haha, i just fucking won. It is so great that you realize the weight of my arguments. You fail to address a single thing i say out of fear. I am so fucking awesome! Night BIATCH!!! haha i am so please- you loser. TIN CAN RIch is A fUcking faKER! HAHA DONT COME BACK HERE HE KNOWS noTHing! Please, seriously, i own this blog now. Find something of weight. He is quitting and crying. This is what i want-people, like him, just die. And his is! This is a revolution! Night tin can, whatever. Life is strange. But, it rewards-. As it has done for me! This blog has done itself a service in finally realizing that i am better, faster, and stronger. It is nothing. If you miss the fine points of this, it is probably because you live in a trailer. Night BITCHES. I hope to meet all of you at the end of a terrible fate. REDNECKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Shake yo shit motherfucker! says:

    Also, you forgot the part about me being right. I mean, literally, alway right. Where do you live? I went to a ballin as party tonight. I just like to pick on rednecks. Like you. HAHAHA. God, i bet you are wetting your pants in self-loathing. I haven’t lost a thing. You lose everything. Night bitch.

  • Shake yo shit motherfucker! says:

    Im drunk. CUTIE. CAn WE DATE!?!?!? Guys, if you dont know, he is actually, sorta, well maybe not straight. I can’t say?!?! maybe just biiii—something? I don’t know.

  • intolerant says:

    I rest my case…the guy is a self destructive loser.

  • hammer says:

    This is actually a hilarious exchange… kind of if like I debated BBC…

  • jenafear says:

    Let’s hope he stays in Italy.

  • intolerant says:

    Let’s hope he staggers off a bridge into a pit of aligators. I’m sure he’s proud of his latest display.

    I think bbc could make a better argument even with just his third grade education! This twerp wrapped up the post in true Fed Up style…he’s a laughing stock even among niggers now!

  • me says:

    We should probably have a greater fear for ‘nigger lovers’ than we do for niggers. It’s those that have no pride in themselves or their ancestors, who’ve accomplished making (nigger loving) white’s grow up believing they owe something to this tribe we (and they) call niggers.

    Niggers get away with murder and rape, when it’s media blitzed, why??? Because the government knows, no matter how bad the crime, or how much proof is against them, the entire tribe will back them up and make it a racial issue, so to avoid rioting, the political ding dongs set them free (again).

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