Drops In Crime Rates

March 25, 2007 § 12 Comments

I saw this and thought the whole story made perfect sense…Rather than put it into my own words I give you the article for you to judge for yourself.   Thought provoking to say the least. 



April 14, 2006 — – Why did crime, which rose steadily thru the 1970s and 1980s, suddenly reverse itself and start dropping? Violent crime became a fact of life in American cities in the 1970s, and New York was especially scary. In 1979, New York City saw 16 murders committed in the subways alone.

And the problem seemed unsolvable. “There was not a lot of confidence there was going to be any major significant drop in crime,” said Jim Finckenauer, professor of criminal justice at Rutgers University.

“The rise in crime, although something that troubled people, was pretty much taken as kind of the way it is,” Finckenauer said.

But then, something surprising happened: throughout the 1990s, the crime rate plunged, and experts are still debating the reason for the drop in crime.

Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner, the authors of “Freakonomics,” think they know the real reason, and their conclusions have generated a fair amount of controversy. The drop in crime, they say, came about because of abortion.

How could abortion affect crime rates?

Crime and Punishment

There was no shortage of politicians taking credit for making the streets safer for Americans.

President Clinton claimed the drop in crime was the result of an increased police presence in cities throughout the United States.

“He had called, remember, 100,000 police officers on the street, all sorts of crime initiatives — he got to bathe in the glory of a reduction in crime,” said Finckenauer.

And in California, Gov. Pete Wilson claimed the drop in crime was the result of the “three strikes and you’re out” initiative that threw more repeat felony offenders in jail.

Back in New York, Mayor Rudolph Giuliani began getting tough on minor offenses. “It has to do with paying attention to the things we were ignoring in the past. Aggressive panhandling, squeegee operators, graffiti: You pay attention to these things, and all of a sudden you’re gonna start to see murder come down by 30 [percent], 40 percent,” Giuliani said.

But who was right?

The Unborn Criminal

“I spent about five years studying the different reasons why crime would fall. Was it police? Was it prisons? Was it the economy?” Levitt asked.

Levitt came to the conclusion that about 40 percent of crime’s decline was the result of locking up a million more criminals. Fifteen percent of the drop was attributed to the waning of the crack epidemic. And roughly 10 percent could be credited to having more cops on the streets.

“What’s left over — 30 [percent] or 40 percent — I actually believe is attributable to a cause that no one ever expected, which was the legalization of abortion,” Levitt said.

“It’s a very simple theory. Unwanted children are a tremendous risk for growing up and having criminal lives,” said Levitt. “With the legalization of abortion, many fewer unwanted children were born, therefore, the children who were most at risk for being criminals — they were never born.”

The Supreme Court legalized abortion in 1973, but crime didn’t begin to drop until some 18 years later. Levitt believes this can be attributed to the fact that young adults aged 16 to 24 commit the most crimes.

Levitt’s theory has attracted its share of critics. Some considered it a racist statement.

(A racist statement?  Where exactly did anyone mention race?  Do you see where the at-risk disadvantaged youth get their guidance?  From assholes who take a perfectly well researched study and turn it into a racial issue because it involves crime rates.  The people professing to help the troubled race are the ones who associate them directly with crime rates by such irresponsible statements and accusations of racism!  Nobody said we should kill unborn niggers to reduce crime rates…although…hmmm.  Never mind.)

“I was born to a poor single mother, and I became a presidential candidate and a minister. So why wouldn’t he assume there’d be more of that?” asked the Rev. Al Sharpton.


(Yes…we certainly need more Al Sharptons!  Let’s stop and think about that.  A presidential candidate and a minister?  Is he fucking kidding?  He is a laughingstock among borderline nitwits and above!  What if Sharpton had ended up an abortion?  What would this planet have lost today?  Tawana Brawley would not have ruined careers and wasted our time with her phony bullshit excuse for not getting home on time from a night of wilding….What exactly has Sharpton contributed to society?  Anyone? )

Levitt was attacked by conservatives as well. “The response from the right was ‘this is crazy because abortion is murder,'” Levitt said.

(Crazy because it is murder?  Again, the idea, no matter how logical and real it might be, cannot be right because it goes against someone’s personal morals?  What a bunch of fucking imbeciles.  The fact that people can’t seem to think beyond their own personal opinions is what is driving this country to ruin.  They scream for us to open our minds yet they couldn’t have their own locked down any tighter!  We live in bizzarro world…that’s the only explanation.)

And even some economists find little to support in Levitt’s theory. “Maybe abortion had some small effect. I don’t think you can pull it out of the data,” said Theodore J. Joyce, professor of economics and finance at Baruch College in New York.

I think it makes more sense than any other theory.  People’s willingness to believe it seems only based on their moral and political opinions of abortion.  That shows a complete lack of logical thinking which ultimately is what is wrong with this fucking society today.  Truth and logic carry no weight in any arguments.  Focused opinions of individual issues are all that people use to dispel the obvious cause of the big picture.  We live in a world controlled by loud mouthed idiots.  Real problems will never be solved because of them.

Tin Can Rich

March 25, 2007 § 30 Comments

Niggers with shotguns.  Not whites with shotguns.  Not Asians with shotguns.  Not even Hispanics with shotguns.  Niggers.  A van load pulls up to a bus stop at one o’clock in the morning and slides open the door.  The apes inside level shotguns at the two homeless men waiting for the late bus with their bags of aluminum nickel deposit cans and rob them. 

How can anyone defend these stupid actions?  I’m sure there is some explanation that will show it to be our fault as a society that hasn’t yet taught our disadvantaged youth that this is wrong.  Our fault.  And even suggesting that the perpetrators have any responsibility in the crime can only be considered racism.  They were held as slaves four hundred years ago.  Those homeless guys at least owed them a days worth of can collecting.

Trying to figure out what would make any rational human being think it would be profitable to rob at gunpoint two ragged men carrying clear plastic bags filled with empty cans is insane.  The only explanation is there is no explanation.  But we are not talking about rational human beings thinking.  We are talking about wild animals with guns and suspended drivers licenses.  Now it begins to make more sense. 

I anxiously await the first bleeding heart to come tell me how this type of robbery is my fault.  Why I should tolerate it and how I can help stop it by not talking about it in terms of race or in this case, species.  I am waiting to hear from anyone who thinks I am wrong.  Please.  Is there anyone?

Bleeding Hearts

March 6, 2007 § 4 Comments


What makes them tick?  What is the thought process of white people who think they are so much better than the poor under privileged blacks they stand up for?  Isn’t that how you would feel if someone of another race took it upon themselves to explain to the world what it was you wanted and needed without you even saying a word?  I would consider it disrespectful and God forbid…racist.  I would feel they were using me to try and make themselves look tolerant and diverse and good when in fact their assertions only make them look more racist.  And most likely, they are.  If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, tastes like a duck, it’s probably a duck.  I give you an example…

A bleeding heart caring loving person has placed themself in a position to care for troubled children in a sort of pre detention center.  The center depends on donations and volunteers to keep the facility running.  A toy company decides for what ever reason (be it self serving tax write offs or waste management) to donate a run of slightly irregular dolls they manufactured to the facility.  Now these weren’t manufactured specifically to treat the children with free dolls, they were irregulars, and could not be sold among their other products because this is a high end company.  The dolls they manufacture range in price anywhere from $50- $500, so high quality is imperative.  The company manufactures all different types of dolls; white, black, Asian and so on.  The dolls that were donated, lets say there were five of them, were all Caucasian dolls.  Probably because the malfunction in the manufacturing process that caused the irregularities happened on that particular run. 

The bleeding heart caring loving paid volunteer raises her hand to protest the race of the donated dolls.  She feels that the company was insensitive to the needs of the under privileged children since it should be assumed that a majority of them are black.  Providing them with free white dolls in her opinion was a travesty.  Even though the dolls were to be raffled off and not even given to the children, she felt the company was just awful for doing this.  Then she goes on to criticize them further about the quantity.  Only five were offered as a donation.  Cheap bastards.

She feels she is speaking for the poor stupid black kids who might not know better than to spot an insulting donation when they see one.  She is using these helpless blacks to make herself feel a little better for being more successful and productive than they will ever be.  She feels guilty for their strife, even though it has nothing to do with her.  She is not responsible, the adult parents of the children are, but she thinks they are too stupid to help themselves too.  She must.  Her racism is so very obvious, yet she would be first in line to fire a shot at me for my assertions.  I admit I am a racist, but not in the same manner as she is.  I believe a troubled race should be made to take responsibility for itself and fix itself.  Lord knows the opportunities are laid out for them today.  Affirmative Action, welfare, food stamps, you name the social program.  She believes it is her responsibility to do it for them…because they are too dumb to figure it out themselves.  She’ll continue to use the same old opportunity bullshit line, but the fact is, today is the best era to be a black in America.  Lower standards have been in place for long enough now to allow them into colleges, law enforcement jobs, political office, everywhere.  But not in her world.  She still thinks she can save them.  The saddest thing about her is, she thinks they appreciate her help.  They don’t.  They are insulted by it.  As dumb as I even think they are, and as incapable as I think they are to fix their own problems, I believe even they can spot her weakness and self serving motives.

Unfortunately, people like her are what drive this country now.  Political correctness is the flavor of the day.  Say the word nigger and you can lose your job, but shit man…ride the fucking subway when the apes are heading home from Gang-Practice (aka school) and try and count how many times you hear them scream the word.  And I mean scream.  Niggers are naturally loud.  As soon as you have two or more of them talking, the volume triples in decibels.  Nigga muthafucka fucken nigga muthafucka sheee-itt.  It’s only getting worse because of idiots like the bleeding heart caring loving douche bag.  And there are more and more of them all the time….

What nobody seems to realize though is that there are more and more of US materializing from the ruins of our society.  Perhaps one day we will have the nuts to organize and put an end to this horse shit.  Until then, broads like this whining nigger loving moron will continue on being as stupid as can be.  When she is brutally raped by one, I wonder how she will blame it on his troubled upbringing.  it certainly wouldn’t be his own fault…

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