Apology To Apes

February 27, 2007 § 4 Comments


Can I possibly be the only one who finds the state of Virginia’s ridiculous apology to niggers for slavery one of the most inane unnecessary political piles of horse shit ever to disgrace the country?  Are they trying to be trend setters?  Are states that do not issue apologies to be considered racist states?  Can niggers now sue Virginia for reparations?  It would seem some jailhouse nigger lawyer could figure out a way.  What a bunch of nigger fearing pussies.  I just can’t say the word nigger enough when it comes to this particular story, so on behalf of the state of Virginia, I apologize.

Then Al Sharpton finds out he is a descendant of a tree swinger once owned by the family of the late Strom Thurman.  He is devastated by the shocking news.  He can’t believe this old white man from the south could have had relatives that once owned his great grand daddy.  It’s on the front page of USA Today!  WHY?  Who the fuck cares whose families owned who four hundred fucking years ago?!  Are we supposed to be shocked?  Or are they just trying to make a family responsible for slavery? 

Now we can actually identify a political family from four centuries ago who can be specifically blamed for Al Sharpton!  I want reparations.  I want the Thurman family to pay me and every other white person who has had to endure the crack pot nigger sucking bullshit of Al Sharpton over the past fifteen years.  I remember the talk show out of NYC called People are Talking hosted by a schmuck named Richard Bey.  He had Sharpton on all the time to make fools out of the entire simian race when ever there was a hot issue in the news.  I want compensation for the times I spewed my beverages at my TV set watching it.  I even remember when Bey was out sick or otherwise unavailable to do his live show, a young punk named Matt Lauer would sit in.  This was a Jerry Springer type talk show…perhaps even an inspiration for it in fact.  And Al Sharpton was one of the favorite guests.  And now I have someone to place the blame on. 

Some day the Blafrican Nigmerican species will realize all of this silly coddling by pussy white America does nothing but make them look even less credible in their quest for equality.  The reality of that notion is be careful what you wish for.  If niggers were to ever achieve equality, they would lose the soap box they scream racism from. If people and negroes were all the same, what would they blame for their inadequacies?  How could they possibly explain prison populations and welfare rolls?  Niggers should be thanking whitey for providing them the excuses they so badly need for their behavior.  And I should be getting a check in the mail with an apology from the Thurman family for Al Sharpton.

§ 4 Responses to Apology To Apes

  • jen says:

    Reparations for Al Sharpton’s existance…ha you crack me up.

  • intolerant says:

    I’m still waiting!

  • Dana says:

    I always laugh everytime I see Al Sharpton’s name even near the word ‘equality’.
    Is it just me, or are things getting even crazier lately?

  • intolerant says:

    Have any of these idiots ever ridden the subway out of the city between 3 and 4 pm?? Niggers are the biggest offenders of their own epithet! Nigga this and nigga muthafucka that. The problems are the white people who think they can save the fucking animals from themselves! They have to realize they are troubled before they can know they need help! And only they can help themselves…we can’t do it for them. Social Services proves that.

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