It’s Official

February 11, 2007 § Leave a comment

A silverback nigger in the White house.  It is not so far of a stretch to imagine a country dumb enough to pull a lever for GWB twice would look to a primal solution next year.  Who knows, maybe a beast would do a better job.  But my God man, no.  Not a nigger president.  Not now while I’m still here.  Please.  Someone stop this insanity. 


We’re talking about actually having a real live nigger contender on the ballot!   Not the joke of Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton who even the niggers know are zoo level primates.  A real live nigger with an education and enough mixed breeding to make him attractive to white women with no self esteem.  A fucking chimp with charisma.  A lovable monkey.  Cheetah.  Criminals will rule the streets.  Prisons will be emptied.  Affirmative action will be applied to white prison populations.  Law enforcement jobs will disappear or filled by apes.  It’s the prequel to Planet of the Apes!  I’m freaking out here.

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