Anti Lingual

February 8, 2007 § 2 Comments


The dip Shits are at it again.  They’ve had since last summer to figure out how to destroy a business that just wanted to promote the English language and America.  Now they made up a new phrase…Lingual Discrimination.  They want to lock the owner of this beefsteak sandwich shop up because he wants his orders given in English.  In his many interviews, the guy has stressed the fact that he has never refused service due to any language barriers.  Still the fucken liberals who want to do all of our thinking for us feel he violated some sort of law.  Watch this story turn into a big fucking deal over nothing.  Lingual Discrimnation…what a bunch of fucking bullshit.

§ 2 Responses to Anti Lingual

  • jen says:

    Lingual discimination?
    That’s a new one.

    I don’t really care what languages people speak to be honest. I used to think people had to learn English here in the States out of necessity until I dealt with many Spanish customers when I worked Customer Service phone lines for NY state. There are places where the population doesn’t give a hoo-haw what we want them to speak, and frankly I don’t care either. I just transferred them over to our Spanish reps.Doesn’t bother me, but I know it riles up some people.

    Likewise I see no reason why one should be accused of discimination for displaying the fact they can’t take orders in another language. Who does it offend, anyway?

  • intolerant says:

    I don’t care either Jen, but the guy who owns the sandwich shop had an interesting opinion on the matter. He was the son of Italian immigrants who had a very difficult time learning the language once they got here. They got by, but never really had the opportunity to succeed beyond an average level. This was quite common for the era, but the children of these immigrants were sent to school and taught English. They had no choice, English was the language of America and they had to learn it if they were to proceed in life here. Period. No “we have to embrace diversity…learn their culture…learn their language…teach them in their own language…” bullshit. They learned English and became successful business owners and contributors to American society. Not leeches sucking the welfare dollar and social services from the hard working tax payers so they can maintain their own culture and speak their own language. His point is…if you want to progress beyond the limited point where you were when you left your miserable country to come here, you need to comply with the minimum requirements here to reach that goal. In his own little way, he was telling these Mexican illegals to learn the language and become citizens and pull themselves up and out of the bottom feeding levels they are at. Up to the levels where they can help us pay for their brethren who still refuse to be productive. I guess that sounds pretty lame, now that I think of it. I should just delete this comment, but…it took too long to type.

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