rac·ism (rā’sĭz’əm) n. – firing niggers for poor work performance

January 17, 2007 § 2 Comments

You can’t fire a spoonbill.  The nigger species is so inept they need laws to force employers to hire them, and outrageous laws preventing them from being fired.  It’s so inane seeing as the majority of them prefer excuses over laws.  But as politically correct pussies that we are, we continue to entertain these excuses even with the presence of the laws.  A nigger can get any job anywhere he wants yet he will scream discrimination and less opportunity while he sits on his couch waiting for the mailman to bring his check.

Our American culture has to be dumbed down to the level of apes or we are racists.  Tests have to be softened to allow the illiterate monkeys to pass them.  School curriculum have to be reduced to dog obedience school level so a nigger can gain enough of an average to qualify for a college…which in turn has to lower its standards to be able to accept such stupidity and inability.  Every aspect of our society has to lower its standards to be able to include niggers, or we are racists.  Not because they are incapable of attaining the same levels of intelligence as their counterparts.  No, it’s because we are racists.  It’s because they are black and we don’t like black people.  We don’t want them even though they are as smart and as capable as we are simply because they are black.

It has nothing to do with the fact that they are born criminals.  That’s a racist comment, regardless of the statistics that prove it.  it’s not because it’s a true statement, it’s because we don’t like black people.  Niggers don’t rape women like animals as is clear in crime statistics.  Niggers rape women just as much as (white)people do, it’s just that niggers are singled out and charged with the crimes because we hate them.  We let the white ones go because we don’t really care about our women being raped, we just want to get those blacks into jail and away from us.  The entire world revolves around the hatred of niggers by human beings.  We don’t mind it at all if white people walk into stores and rob them.  It’s OK for white people to be disruptive and violent, we like it.  We even encourage white people to sell drugs and whores, but only white people.  When niggers try to muscle in on our uncivilized animal behavior, we have no other choice but to discriminate and racism their black asses into prison.

There isn’t a single aspect of a niggers life where he doesn’t consider his race.  I saw a show on TV where a nigger was given a gift.  It was a very nice and generous gift.  A gift from white people.  At no point in the show was race even mentioned.  Nothing that happened in the show had anything to do with the races of those involved.  But one of the many colors on the gift was black…the nigger, in an overly excited state began jumping around for joy, just as a caged monkey might at feeding time.  He caressed the gift and thanked his friends for their generosity.  Then he laid a paw on the black stripe down the center of the gift.  He tilted his head and said,  “…and look.  A black stripe.  I’m black, and so is the stripe.”  Newsflash nigger:  the black stripe was not there to illustrate your race.  He had to make a verbal note to the viewers that he was black and damn proud of it.  It’s typical of niggers.  Everything in the life of a nigger is race.  No other race but theirs is so caught up in it.  When I see a white piece of paper, I don’t stop and reflect my proud heritage as a white man.  When an Asian uses a highlight marker, I’m sure they don’t sit back, sigh and say to themselves, “Wow…a highlighter just like me.”  It’s fucking paper and a magic marker.  It was a fucking stripe. 

People will continue calling me a racist until the end of time.  I don’t fucking care.  I simply refuse to blame myself or my race for the inability of niggers to function in civilized society.  The thought of a zoo animal in the white house is terrifying to me.  I don’t care how educated and human he might appear, or even how he may present himself.  The fact is he is a nigger and once the niggers have one of their own in office, all hell will break loose.  Why not just elect OJ Simpson president?  Where did this Obama come from anyway?  What makes him qualified as a legitimate candidate?  Sure you might ax the same question about Bush, and I’d have to agree with that too.  But a nigger?  Are the democrats that lacking in potential leaders of their party that their best choices are a lesbian nazi and a half muslim nigger?  Call me a racist, go ahead.  I just want competence in the white house.  Not another Bush, not Hillhairy Clinton, and certainly not a nigger. 


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