Afro Anthropoid Dreams

January 14, 2007 § Leave a comment


We see what happens when we put a wetsuit into a political office in Massachusetts.  Governor Shvartzer is ringing up more free money for the moon crickets and forbidding the cops to arrest criminals.  Imagine we have one in the Oval Office?  Will there be any order?  How about an ethiop ho calling herself the first lady?  Turning the white house into a pickaninny factory feeding it with first of the month checks to pay for executive malt liquor and Kools.  Pennsylvania Ave will be crack alley.  Where will it end?

There is no more ridiculous of an idea than to put a crackhead cotton picker at the helm of the most powerful country in the world.  Aside from another Bush of course.  But what alternative to a Bush would a high-yella be?  Light skinned with dumbo ears or not, he’s a blue gum.  Can there never be an independent candidate with white skin and a dick?  Hillaresbian is losing ground last we heard, opening the door to Yomomma Ogamma.

The niggers are completely unaware of any issues.  They can’t see past the mail slot where their check flies in every month.  Put a chimp on the cover of Ebunny magazine and send it through the slot and next thing you know they think they gonna be in charge!  They’re already calling these two the first couple.  I want to puke.

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