Buana Iguana Borat Obama Yomama

January 9, 2007 § 3 Comments


Trying to prove his buoyancy,  suboid sambo Oguama Bogama, the chimp-eared democratic presidential hopeless got a shot off of him running hairless from the surf in Hawaii.  Looking startlingly Caucasian completely shaved and tailless, Omamma jogged along the shore pretending to be able to float for cameras.  Meanwhile Hellhairy Clinton built campaign fortresses in Washington DC to fight off the angry New Yorkers who still think she gives a niggers ass about them.  Next years presidential campaigning should be quite interesting, especially the democratic primary race.  We all can pretty much figure another Bush will be in place once the smoke clears and Diebold has been paid for their hard work.  The lack of choices is fucking depressing.  The level of control these candidates have in the election outcomes is even worse.  All we can do is prepare for the gray jumpsuits and the shackles and chains of 1984istic nightmare Bush total control.  Even Saddam Hussein is in a better place and he’s probably hovering around the fifth ring of hell right about now.  Allah save us.

§ 3 Responses to Buana Iguana Borat Obama Yomama

  • Eddie says:

    Ahhh.. the American dream… where, if you are born into the right family, you can pass on the torch of being President to your son. Just think, out of the 300 million people in America, the son of a former President just happened to be best suited to lead us… George Jr. clearly hit the lottery…

  • intolerant says:

    Wait till the next Bush takes over. Maybe not this next time but it will happen no doubt. Elections have been fixed for ages. Anyone who still believes their votes are what really elect presidents are naive. Optimistic at best but definitely naive.

  • myhouse says:

    Should be playing the background music from ‘Chariots of Fire’. With some hard hittin’ phat trunk of funk bass.

    I thought niggers couldn’t swim…

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