Look! The Governor is a Congoid Cotton Picking Golliwog !

January 5, 2007 § 10 Comments

Or as we like to say here in New York….A Nigger.


I should say I am not from Massachusetts but rather New York; next state over.  I am unbelievably disturbed by the news that a common tree swinging subhuman eggplant was actually elected Governor of the State of 
Massachusetts.  I am absolutely dumbfounded by the utter stupidity of such a majority of voters who thought this would benefit them and their state.

I can’t even bring myself to post the article, so I give you the link as provided by Eddie in his comment to the previous post.  This nigger has promised to wipe out budget cuts made by the previous Governor and spend donate $383.6 million on freebie handouts to his mudhut living violent criminal brothers in the form of Social Services and other programs.  He’s promised to take away the rights of the State Police to arrest illegal immigrants- fucking criminals!  Cops can’t fucking arrest criminals now with a nigger governor!  Isn’t that nice. 

 And how will he fund the free government cheese and crack handouts for low life loser chimpanzees living off the populations hard earned tax dollar?  By putting back those cumbersome tolls on the Turnpike, that’s how, the stupid fucking tiger bait baboon.  And tell me again who the fuck elected it?  Are you serious?  People would actually be so stupid as to hear these ridiculous proposals and still elect this spoonbill?  I can’t buy that.  Not for a minute.

I have serious questions as to the voting processes in this country, starting with the Massachusetts Governor race.  Did Diebold count the ballots again?  Or did Jesse Jackson and the Rainbow Coal-ition?  Did we give the niggers a head start in the votes like they like to do in affirmative action issues?  I mean come on, we can’t expect a nigger from
Chicago to be able to keep up with Whitey in an election when the mudshark population is at such a disadvantage!  We had to give them a proportionate tare to keep it fair.  They’re only 13% of the population for crying out loud.Like it or not, niggers have that expectation.  They truly believe they are entitled to equalization! 

Now they own the state of
Massachusetts.  They fucking OWN it.  Man, I am thanking God I don’t live there.  Bad enough we got Elliot Spitzer taking aim at my right to own guns.  I couldn’t imagine a Gorilla swinging from the chandeliers at the executive mansion.  Good God man, I wish I didn’t see this article today!   

§ 10 Responses to Look! The Governor is a Congoid Cotton Picking Golliwog !

  • Eddie says:

    Look at all the people in the crowd… they’re white. I’m not saying don’t vote black, I’m saying, don’t vote Democrat or Republican.

  • intolerant says:

    I know man…Masachusetts is full of white demopublican brain defects. The only blacks in the crowd I put there with photoshop! Most of the nigger population is either incarcerated, convicted felons or too fat and lazy to go vote. They even depend on the stupidity of whites to elect their nigger politicians!

  • clover barnes says:

    fucking hilarious. fucking piss my pants funny. fucking true. fucking love the picture.

  • Hammer says:

    Wow. Why can’t they vote in someone like Alan Keyes. I mean he’s crazy but he hates black people more than Bill Cosby.

  • jenafear says:

    I didn’t even realize there were blacks in Mass. I can’t stand that state for many reasons. Don’t worry, I don’t think this will become a trend in the Northeast…or will it?

  • JP says:

    It’s an issue of diversity and equalization. 6.5 (13%) of the 50 United States should be represented by blacks. They can all move to those states then and collect the best social services benefits with the least amount of red tape. They can also finally prove to the rest of the world that they can self govern and advance technologically and build a strong economy just like they do in the inner cities and back in Africa where they were torn away from their rich and powerful industrious cities to come pick cotton for the man. Finally they get their chance to show us how vital they are to society. I for one am relieved.

  • mssuicidebomber says:

    You said you have other Blogs, are any of them dedicated to hating jews, christians, muslims, men in general, puppys, law enforcement, government (federal, state and local),or the IRS?

    Personally, I don’t have strong feelings about what blacks are doing. But if you cover any of those other subjects, I’m on board.

  • intolerant says:

    Ms SB: Once again my negativity concerning animal violent and criminal behavior has been mistaken as hate. Thinking a certain group of people are stupid and unable to function without the help of those whom they obviously blame for all of their misfortune doesn’t necessarily mean I hate that group of people. I merely find them confusing, of very little intellect, and unacceptable. I don’t hate them. I’m sure I could find a good amount of negative characteristics of each of the groups you mentioned, I just don’t have time to discuss all of them separately on their own blogs and none of them could provide as much material as the blacks.

    This site is for comedic entertainment at the expense of the brothers. If you can see past the perceived racism to the humor, you may be entertained. If reading this makes you feel guilty, then by all means, stop reading! I welcome your visits and especially your comments, be they negative or positive. You might notice however, most who comment agree for the most part with the idea of being fed up with the baloney being jammed into our heads on this subject. Once you get past your fear God or Karma will punish you for visiting here, you might enjoy it. You will also notice there is no site meter or tracking set up here so your identity is as anonymous as the next person. Relax, jump in, and have a good time.

  • mssuicidebomber says:

    I did not say I was not amused. I am equally not afraid to visit. I just get more mileage and amusement out of the subjects I mentioned. Oh, let me put politicians on my list. Oh and when I mentioned hate, that was a tongue in cheek reference to the viewpoints you express.

  • intolerant says:

    I’m glad you are not as offended as I thought. I will try to toss in an occasional jew or politician or puppy rant sometime to keep your interest. I’m sure I can find something to piss me off enough to inspire me! My links list should give you an insight as to my paranoia and mistrust of the government. I think you will be happy here.

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