Separation of Man and Beast

January 1, 2007 § 3 Comments

In case anyone needs a little brush up on the difference between Blue Gum Apes and white Human Beings, let’s review this recent item from the news as it relates to a typical white response under the same circumstances…

A young nigger paperboy, who might normally be commended for having a job discovers papers piling up at one particular residence on his route.  Nobody was taking the papers inside every day for a number of days.  Across town, a White mailman on a different route notices the mail he has been putting in the mailbox of a certain residence has not been picked up in a few days.  Two very similar circumstances with two very different outcomes.

The White mailman, concerned for the safety of the customer on his route alerts the police as to the inconsistency he notices in mail pickup at this residence.  The police alert family members and arrive at the home to find the residents nearly dead from carbon monoxide poisoning.  One even eventually died, but one was saved by the mail carriers attentiveness.

The young nigger paper boy on the other hand, concerned for the contents of the customers home decides this might be a perfect opportunity to gather up one of his friends and ransack the home and burglarize it.  He was eventually caught because lets face it, he was a nigger.

The point is this.  Natural instinct for the white man is concern for his fellow man.  Natural instinct for the nigger is to loot, steal and destroy.  This is why we are sick and fucken tired of niggers.  This is why our prisons are overburdened with their occupancy.  What more can I say?

§ 3 Responses to Separation of Man and Beast

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