B(L)ack in Business

January 1, 2007 § Leave a comment

By virtue of the fact this site has seen as many hits as before I abandoned it I felt it was time to reopen it and continue posting again.  The blogspot creation only seems to just sit there while this one lives on its own.  Time to show some appreciation!

And a belated merry Kwanzaa to all you nigger loving phony holiday celebrating ignoramus pimples!  When will they devise a new calendar and claim it’s 6927 instead of the white man’s 2007?  Come on now, let’s get creative…niggers have been savage beasts for over 6,000 years without one iota of technological advancement.  We should celebrate that diverse culture of innovationless lack of civilized abilities by giving them their own New Years Day!  January 21st!  Heeeowww!

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