Billy preston: How it all began for me

June 6, 2006 § 1 Comment

When I was a little tyke, sitting on the floor with my big sister watching the Soul Train on Sunday afternoons after dinner, my first memories of making fun of niggers began with a performance by Billy Preston; Will it go round in circles? We quickly grabbed our sketch books and began drawing our own interpretations of the various "hair care" products associated with niggers back then. Afros were niggers with long hair; nigger hippies. "Fro Sheen"; "Fro Hard"; we were about as creative as a couple of nigger hating 12 year olds could be back in the early seventies. That picture above is what I remember; Billy pounding away "…will it fly high like a bird up in the sky?", afro flopping back and fourth as he danced on his piano stool. Niggers dancing like robots and spastic apes on the dance floor and Don Cornelius in his suit and tie coming out with his deep try- to-sound-white voice to say thank you to Billy. It was a blast from the past as I mourned the death today of a great example of early uppity nigger from the civil rights era of yesterday. But our affection for nigger ridicule was only just beginning. Each week, Soul Train would help us to generate more ideas and drawings until we finally had to collect them all and make a little book. We carried it with us when ever we traveled, something our father was somewhat opposed to, especially the time he got us lost in downtown Washington DC on a dark Saturday night. We innocently giggled in the back seat, drawing niggers, talking like niggers and making fun of niggers while unaware we were completely surrounded by the worst kind of niggers imaginable; DC niggers. But we were just kids. Dad seemed to forget where we developed this love for making fun of niggers in the first place. Today…he would be proud of me for continuing his legacy. Back then he feared for our lives as he zig-zagged our way back onto I-95 and back on the road to North Carolina and our vacation at the beach. Yes, today was a sad day for me with the loss of the great Billy Preston to hypertension and kidney failure at the young age of 59. He made quite an impression on me.

Interesting thing to note concerning the afro. Each strand of wire an afro is composed of is simply a curly-Q beginning very much like human hair in something very much like a hair follicle. It is an amazing creation of God how something so twisted and fine, yet strong and tempered could find its way to intermingle with thousands of others to create the afro. Truly amazing, especially to someone who has had to clean the tiny shavings of this substance from a bathroom sink. Nearly impossible is it to collect all the O-ring type scatterings of tiny nigger hairs clipped closely from the face and scalp over a bathroom sink. To think these could grow to proportions to create the afro pictured above is a previously undiscovered wonder of the world indeed.

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