Brutha fumma nutha muthah

May 27, 2006 § Leave a comment

An endearing expression of racial brotherhood amongst nigger males, brutha fumma nutha muthah evolved from the very simple English translation, “We are brothers yet we have different mothers.” Since the possibility of fatherhood amongst niggers can likely be traced back to one very active nigger male, the only thing today’s nigger can be sure of are his maternal roots. This is not to say that many of the nigger mothers are not the offspring of the same fathers who are spawning the male niggers, which could in fact mean that their mothers are quite possibly their sisters or their grand mothers or even their aunts, but the one thing they are certain of is their relationship of their own mothers in regards to another brother’s mother. In fact, there are no proven instances of paternal brotherhood amongst niggers in recorded history. Niggers do not mate for life most likely because the male of the species is considered to be an instinctive fleer of biological responsibility. They are the rare species that possess both the predator as well as the flight instinct, though the environmental circumstances are what determine which instinct will prevail. When the nigger male senses impending accountability (Child support), he has never failed to take flight and abandon the situation. His predator instinct is what usually creates the circumstances that result in the need to take flight. This is their biological imperative; to run, as witnessed by the many nigger athletes and criminals fleeing from police. Since legitimate family relationships are rarely the case between niggers, the most likely connection they have is the fact they are brothers from (an)other mothers. Nigger leaders are pressuring congress to introduce legislation to ban Father’s Day as a racist holiday because everybody knows niggers cannot possibly know the identity of their fathers.

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