Government induced ethnic cleansing

May 20, 2006 § 8 Comments

I was reading a little newspaper article predicting Katrina-like hurricanes for the Northeast this year. Where the hell is that coming from I wondered, but then…where did katrina come from? A disastrous storm rolls in, makes a direct hit on a huge nigger population that the government was relatively sure would rather stay behind and loot all the businesses than even try to evacuate, then blame the lame white politicians for not doing enough to save their sorry asses. But do these white leaders care what a bunch of box-living apes think? Don't think so. The rumors are that the entire administration created the category 5 hurricane, aimed it at niggers, ignited a few well placed bombs at strategic points along the city's levee system and poof, the welfare rolls took a nose dive and all that was left to do was collect the bodies. I swear, these niggers are so smart. They figured out the whole plan. Shit man, we really thought we had a good system here too and they went and spoiled it by figuring it all out. I wonder what they're going to do when they hit the Northeast. Are they going for the niggers in NYC or the niggers in Boston? Personally I'd go for the Boston apes, since I bet there's more of them there and less chance of picking off any Asians or Whitey. And their ebonics without the letter "R" is pretty annoying. I just hope they can slip this by the niggers one more time before they head over to the west coast and start in on the mexicans. I wonder what Bush will do over there to wipe them out. Mudslides? nah, they'd enjoy that. Wild fires? Nah, they eat fire for pete's sake. I know…earthquakes, yeah earthquakes like I've been predicting, but then, they shake a lot when they get drunk so maybe they wouldn't even notice. I'm at a loss. How do you wipe out an entire city of mexicans in a way that wouldn't just make them party more? Anyone?

§ 8 Responses to Government induced ethnic cleansing

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