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May 19, 2006 § Leave a comment

The avian flu is another panic creation of our wonderful government. The progression of events will be [in my opinion of course]a sudden isolated case of the bird flu, probably in Canada. Then one in the pacific NW and another in a completely different location. Panic will ensue and flu shots will be in short supply. People will be climbing over each other to get one. It will be chaos as our wonderful government fixes up some special micro-chipped doses of flu shots for the masses. The shots will suddenly become available to everyone and at some point, it will be a case of national security that everyone be inoculated against the deadly virus. Those who refuse will be isolated and quarantined. Closed military bases have already been outfitted to house those who refuse the shot, with entire hangars razor wired secure and chains cemented into the floors where cots will be provided. A large movie screen will play a loop of GWB urging the hold outs to comply and join their friends and families on the outside. An entire society will be housed in these makeshift prisons, while those who took the shots are utilized in what ever fashion the government wishes to use them. Their every movement will be tracked and monitored and controlled by a central governing system. Their cars [equipped with OnStar] will be under complete control. Life outside the walls of the military bases will be every bit as regimented as it will be inside. Nobody will know what is happening on either side. PAY NO ATTENTION TO THE MAN BEHIND THE CURTAIN!!

They said it was a glitch in the "Amber Alert System" and what we all heard on the radio was a law enforcement transmission following suspects in an abduction. But wait a minute, they gave a clear description of a vehicle the suspects were driving so what the fuck is with the bus? And how come it was broadcast on every single radio frequency across the dial? You could turn the tuning dial and not hear anything but this transmission. No static between stations or anything, just this statement repeated over and over again for around 20-30 seconds. And half an hour later (3:30 pm on October 9th 2005) while the station was fumbling to explain it during their up to the minute accunews report, it happened again. Just busted in with a monotonous voice repeating, "They took the crosstown bus…" over and over again. Never got a better explanation for it; they stuck to the lame Amber Alert bullshit line. As I recall, this was on a weekend that authorities were extremely concerned about terror threats on NYC and Washington DC, so I gotta wonder if something really big was averted and they just didn't want to scare the shit out of us. It happened on October 9th 2005, but who really cares but me anyway? I always seem to be alone in my paranoia!

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