Prediction from a nutjob

May 13, 2006 § 5 Comments

I just had to wonder about the string of minor earthquakes this past week along a line stretching from Tennessee to NE Quebec Canada. There are infrequent rumblings at all of these points shown here at different times, but I have yet to see so many so spread out and so at or near the same time. I wonder whats happening under our feet and if it is a precursor to a major eruption. And how can we blame the niggers for this possible devastation? Give me time, I'll find a way. BTW, that mess in California and Alaska are always there. Yellowstone Park is seeing a little more activity as well. Damn niggers.

§ 5 Responses to Prediction from a nutjob

  • ButterSnatch says:

    You fucking crack me right the hell up, dude. I want to see how you’re gonna blame the niggers for this one!

    Funny you should post about this particular subject. I was watching Discovery Channel on Friday evening, and there was a program on about tsunamis and how they will completely decimate the California coast when “the big one” hits. 100-150 foot waves traveling at 300-400 mph that will travel inland between 10 & 20 miles? There goes San Fran, LA all of Orange County and everything in between, not to mention Alaska, Hawaii, the Polynesian Islands, Japan (and all the other slanty, coastal areas over there). No way to prepare for it or warn people about it, it’s just gonna happen and it’s gonna kill 10’s of thousands of people. Now, I hate California and most of the liberal fuckers there in the first place, but it’s kind of humbling in a way. With all our technology, there simply no way to say when/if it’ll happen with any amount of certainty.

    California’s not gonna fall off or anything, but it sure as hell is gonna look a little different with 85% of it’s coastal areas reshaped by 100-150 ft tall waves crashing ashore at 300-400 mph!

  • Intolerant says:

    The recent exodous of niggers from Louisiana may have created more stress on the fault lines. The density of their bones are far greater than that of humans, thus greater pressure on the tectonic plates. I think if one would trace the paths used by evacuating niggers, one would find a parallel to the recent quakes shown on the map. California is in big trouble but Alaska is still a mystery to me. Must be those Eskimos. They have flat wide noses too don’t they? I think I may be onto something here!

  • Liv says:

    Well, she’s taken herself off her meds recently so I kind of expected her to crumble the way she has. Go figure. She is the last person that I will ever make an exception for with regard to befriending if they are on anti-psychotics. I know – my judgment sucks. Live and learn and now I get it now.

  • Liv says:

    I just skimmed very very quickly through the Mask of Insanity. Thanks for the suggestion. You’re aboslutely right about her. And the text was completely on as well.

  • ButterSnatch says:

    I had faith in you Intol, and you came through with flying colors. You caught me a bit off guard with that one. Thought you’d work the apes & moneky angle, but you surprised me with a little more depth. Nicely done!

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