Individual Expressions of Youth

May 12, 2006 § 3 Comments

I was going to comment on another blogger's distaste for certain sized men but I figured she made her point quite well. I'll just copy her subject matter a bit with a twist. My problem is with people who can't disfigure themselves enough with permanent tattoos and fishing tackle bore into their faces. It was once described to me as expressions of individuality and kids today NEED to define themselves in their own diverse if not unusual ways. Ok, that might fly if it were not for the fact that most of these kids are defining themselves based on their friends and every other freak with a spike driven through his nose. It's like the hippies back in the 60s with the long hair and the dirty clothes. The parents of these new aged freaks of nature. Leave it to a hippy parent to let their kid go out and hammer a ten penny nail right through the middle of their tongue or jam an earring into their forehead. Hey man, he's just expressing himself.

Back in the day, sailors and marines had all the tattoos. And prostitutes of course. When I was coming up, chicks with little roses on their tits or ankles were fuck horses. Only nigger tribesmen had bones through their noses or shit hanging from their ears or their lips. There was a time when having your underwear pulled up over the waist of your pants meant you just got a wedgie and had your ass beat. And men with earrings in BOTH ears?! Fags. The baggy clothes style like the niggers seem to enjoy comes from local prison policy whether anyone realizes it or not. Being that niggers are not all that bright, they never figured out the reason they were given pants five sizes too big when they would arrive for their stays in the jailhouse. If they had they would never have adopted the style outside of the prison walls. See, niggers (and white boys as well) simply can't run in baggy pants that hang off their asses, with cuffs that hang up on their Nike's. Cops just love the fashion trend! And how hard is it to subdue a suspect with a bullring screwed through his nose? What the hell will kids need next to express their individuality? It's frightening to think, but I will admit, I am somewhat alone in my views on today's youth and their obsession with self mutilation. Many 40+ friends I know think these young girls with the chinese writing across their back sides are sexy. Hate to tell them but they'd be a hell of a lot more sexy if they were clean and unmolested, but what do I know. I just think a beautiful girl with 10 pounds of stainless steel jingling off her face is a damn shame. And tattoos should be of the temporary variety. If you have to have that to be sexy, at least have the option of washing it off. Now isn't this an absolutely beautiful girl right here? Gorgeous eyes, potentially sweet smile? Who told her this was the look for her? And that tongue…what's with that tongue? Do men now WANT more teeth in their blow jobs? And hardened tempered steel teeth to boot! Is it just me? Am I crazy here? I just don't get it.

§ 3 Responses to Individual Expressions of Youth

  • ButterSnatch says:

    That girl is actually quite attractive. If she took the fish-hooks & dumbbells out of her face, I might even call her BEAUIFUL. It’s the eyes…

    Question: do these people not fly? I get nabbed at the airport with a fucking toenail clipper or a lighter!

  • Intolerant says:

    Good question. Do they remove it all or is it just too tedious for security to even deal with? I know a guy with a steel hip and after several failed passes they let him go anyway, based on his word. These faces might be a good diversion for terrorists!

  • myhouse says:

    I think she’s a disgrace. But she probably just wants to get back at her parents.

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