Fake Poonie Pix

May 8, 2006 § 6 Comments

I feel compelled to offer Ryan C this picture of an artificial vaginal insert made from a gourmet serving of rare roast beef prepared by a world renowned chef and grafted onto this young unsuspecting Asian girl. One should note the mouth watering delivery of this oozing with flavor entrée and it's close resemblance to an actual vaginal beaver pit. The entire groinal crotch area has been covered by this realistic vagina look-alike and could probably fool even the most versed prankster adept at sending fake pictures of an over-engorged penis not even belonging to him.

I've replaced most of this post with something I will call, "The making of the Roast Beef Vagina". First what is needed is a collection of photographs to sort through to find the absolute perfect combination. The photo of the girl was used because she was in the most ideal position to show off the exquisite meat rendition of a vagina I was about to create. Next I needed various shots of roast beef meals, either in the form of sandwiches or entire dinners. I found a few but none could match the perfect shape and texture of this one. With a few clicks and rotations inside my Photoshop software and a bit of color correcting to match skin tones, I managed to come up with this masterpiece. I decided to make some minor alterations to the young girl's face in case she might be recognized on the street and assumed to have a delicious mouth watering vagina made of 100% pure Black Angus Roast Beef™. So there it is…the girl…the beef…the finished product.

§ 6 Responses to Fake Poonie Pix

  • ButterSnatch says:

    Check this shit out: http://bittervibes.blogspot.com/

    you’re gonna shit yourself when you read this CRAP. makes me mad just thinking about all these fucking jigs sitting around trying to act all educated and shit.

  • Intolerant says:

    I wrote the most scathing reply to his silly pet peeve and as soon as I hit publish it was gone. Gotta laugh at a nigger calling white people nasty. I’ve seen them at the zoo man…they jam their thumbs up their own asses and suck on them for hours. Niggers live in filth-I believe they call them slums or ghettos- filth like feces filled bath tubs and card board window shades and bags of old chicken bones and watermelon rinds for furniture. White people are nasty because we treat dogs better than we treat niggers! Well DUH! At least we haven’t given them the right to vote yet!

  • Intolerant says:

    BTW how about that Photoshop job on the first pussy huh?

  • Well done. I’m constantly impressed with you.

    I thought it was me, but I have better breasts. Where did you get the possessed faces? That isn’t your ex-wife is it?

  • Intolerant says:

    If that was my ex wife I never would have gotten rid of her! Look at the delicate folds of that roast beef the way it just seems to roll around the perineum gently caressing the anus as it trails back to the labia major and perfectly shaped mound of her clitoral hood. it’s exquisite! Toss on a little horse radish and you have one hell of a sandwich!

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