Intoxicating Watermelon

May 1, 2006 § 4 Comments

Ok now get this. I didn’t even know this was a nigger at the center of this tragic story, but after seeing the news footage, I could only say… “It figures”. The other night at around 3 am a city homicide detective was carelessly speeding (upwards of 70 mph) through clearly marked construction zones on the interstate highway on duty in a police vehicle when he lost control and was killed in the subsequent crash. The construction zone was a 24 hour work zone and men and women’s lives were in danger from this obviously elitist above the law cop. The very next day, before toxicology reports or autopsy results were in, the local newspaper published a story about the off duty activities of this cop immediately prior to his reporting for duty that night. Solid witnesses placed the cop at a bar with friends drinking for hours before starting his shift. They were quick to name their sources, so it was obviously not a mistake and nothing the witnesses were afraid to speak of. Well, when the toxicology reports came in late the following afternoon the police department was relieved to announce the officer was indeed sober at the time of the blood alcohol tests. Sober as far as the law was concerned. He did have a .03 BAC which means (nobody ever even addressed this point) he HAD in fact had SOME alcohol prior to endangering the lives of many construction workers and ultimately killing himself in the horrendous crash. He HAD been drinking at some point, but it did not contribute to the end result of this sorrowful night. No, it wasn’t the alcohol at all. But what could it have been? I wondered as I heard and read this story over the course of the next few days. I decided that although it was a rather severe punishment for his carelessness, the officer was in fact completely responsible for the entire mishap and paid the ultimate price for it. But why? Why would a supposedly highly decorated distinguished member of the elite city police department behave in such an irresponsible careless manner? Why indeed. Well we found the answer to that question days later when the grieving family of the dead officer decided to sue the newspaper for reporting of the officer’s drinking as a possible cause of the accident. The family contended the officer had NOT been out drinking at any bars but had in fact spent the entire day at his momma’s house eatin’ good ole home cookin’ and watchin’ the TV. “They wasn’t no drinkin’ goin’ on, juz some good ole home cookin’ is all.” So where did the .03 BAC come from? Fermented ham hocks? That’s right my brothers and sisters…the dead police officer was a nigger. A fucken irresponsible careless arrogant free ride to the top nigger police officer with phony nigger cop awards a badge and a fucken gun. All legal mind you. So if anyone still begs for an answer to the burning question WHY? There’s your answer. A nigger was at the wheel. Simple as that. Now the NAACP is after the newspaper for reporting the truth because it shows with no uncertain doubt that the nigger was responsible for his own demise. Man oh man where will the stupidity end? Fucken Niggers.

§ 4 Responses to Intoxicating Watermelon

  • ButterSnatch says:

    And why, pray-tell, was George Bush not there to direct traffic around the construction site?!? Fucking good-for-nothing republicans. Never around when you need em’. I see no mention of the White Houses responsibility in all this, Intol. You’re slipping on me dude!

    Seriously though, I only have 1 thing to say regarding the story of the Porch-Monkey police officer… It’s a good start.

  • Intolerant says:

    It was Rumsfeld’s job to watch the drunk nigger cops. I think he did a fine job. GW was busy engaging more enemies of Iran so they could be an even bigger threat to us and drive oil prices higher yet.

  • I am without clever comments but I’m laughing my ass off.

    I wish you would comment on my blog. You are hilarious. I must admit my weekly stories are no where near your caliber but you could produce a good laugh for others reading. Like your devoted fan Buttersnatch…–>

  • rachel says:

    i love my escalade!

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