Two Washington Wizards players arrested on South Beach

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The Associated Press May 28, 2006, 4:12 PM EDT
MIAMI BEACH, Fla.–Washington Wizards guard Gilbert Arenas and forward Awvee Storey were arrested on charges of disobeying police, part of the crackdown on disorderly behavior among those who have flocked to Miami Beach for Memorial Day weekend.


A total of 557 people were arrested between Thursday morning and Saturday night on Miami Beach, where revelers flocked for a celebration of hip-hop music and culture known as Urban Beach Week. Most arrests were for disorderly conduct and intoxication. During the same three-day period last year, there were 333 arrests. Let’s put this into perspective. “…a celebration of hip-hop music culture known as urban beach week…” Crime. Disorderly conduct. Resisting arrest. Niggers. What more can I say?

Bling Bling

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An ongoing way for niggers to express materialistic crapulence identifying it by the noise it may make when jostled or otherwise disturbed either during ritualistic jungle dancing or high-speed flight from law enforcement is referred to as “Bling Bling”. The sound “Bling” is multiplied by the number of times gold jewelry is knocked together but is shortened to simply “Bling Bling”, since it is likely the chains will collide numerous times before the chase or the dance has ended. The reference “Bling Bling” has been expanded to mean things not made of gold and not likely to produce a bling sound when certain activities are performed. It has come to reflect a broader meaning of affluence, if that is even possible for niggers to attain. The dual usage of sounds to inject meaning for niggers to understand is an age-old principle, spanning as far back as the Flintstones where Barney and Betty Rubble named their first born offspring Bam-Bam after the noise he made when given a club to play with. Fred Flintstone’s famous “Yabba dabba doo” as an expression of delightful joy is also indicitive of sounds translating to primitive meanings. The Mazda Corporation, in an effort to redirect sales from Nissan to their new line of nigger friendly drug transportation vehicles employed an advertising campaign to include dual sounds to reflect a speeding vehicle evading the law. “Zoom Zoom” was sung with a Jamaican cadence and a Caribbean beat to attract niggers away from the Nissan vehicles, which have become over profiled as typical nigger cars. Police departments responded, but niggers didn’t. You can take a nigger out of a Nissan but you can’t take the Nissan out of the nigger. Unless the pimp demographic was onboard, drug running alone couldn’t support the necessary sales goals of Mazda. Niggers running east coast drugs have drifted to a SUV platform with 22” wheels and blacked out windows. Cadillac is brainstorming to develop a dual word catch phrase to keep niggers interested in their line of high end Escalades, but as it turns out, “Bling Bling” is a sufficient way for niggers to identify these vehicles. It has come full circle.

Brutha fumma nutha muthah

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An endearing expression of racial brotherhood amongst nigger males, brutha fumma nutha muthah evolved from the very simple English translation, “We are brothers yet we have different mothers.” Since the possibility of fatherhood amongst niggers can likely be traced back to one very active nigger male, the only thing today’s nigger can be sure of are his maternal roots. This is not to say that many of the nigger mothers are not the offspring of the same fathers who are spawning the male niggers, which could in fact mean that their mothers are quite possibly their sisters or their grand mothers or even their aunts, but the one thing they are certain of is their relationship of their own mothers in regards to another brother’s mother. In fact, there are no proven instances of paternal brotherhood amongst niggers in recorded history. Niggers do not mate for life most likely because the male of the species is considered to be an instinctive fleer of biological responsibility. They are the rare species that possess both the predator as well as the flight instinct, though the environmental circumstances are what determine which instinct will prevail. When the nigger male senses impending accountability (Child support), he has never failed to take flight and abandon the situation. His predator instinct is what usually creates the circumstances that result in the need to take flight. This is their biological imperative; to run, as witnessed by the many nigger athletes and criminals fleeing from police. Since legitimate family relationships are rarely the case between niggers, the most likely connection they have is the fact they are brothers from (an)other mothers. Nigger leaders are pressuring congress to introduce legislation to ban Father’s Day as a racist holiday because everybody knows niggers cannot possibly know the identity of their fathers.

Noam sayne?

May 26, 2006 § 7 Comments

The origin of the phrase “Noam Sayne” comes from the ghetto translation “Can you understand me”, used frequently by niggers to assure themselves as they speak that the listener can in fact understand their he-be they-be we-be you-be who-be do-be hew-be do-be doo. For many years following the freeing of the majority of slaves with no concept of civilized behavior and being set free into a world completely alien to them, they developed their own dialect which is referred to as Ebonics today. The name Ebonics comes from the combination of two English words, ebony meaning nigger and phonics meaning talk. Ebonics=Nigger talk. This is a relatively new word, similar to Kwanzaa and FebUary (Nigger History Monf) but the language has been around for centuries. In the early days of the freed niggers, this abortionization of the English language was difficult for the white men to understand and the niggers were constantly being axed to repeat they selfs. After the tedium of constantly having to axe them “huh?” and “Wha?” the white men finally just began to interpret the nigger talk (Ebonics) for themselves, which often turned out to be not what the nigger had intended to say. In an effort to insure the nigger is understood and is to receive exactly what he is requesting , or being understood as to what he is trying to say, the phrase “Noam Sayne” was developed. Nigger talk (ebonics) requires Noam Sayne to be inserted at least every three to four words to be certain they are in fact being completely understood. Some nigger regions of the US have developed Noam Sayne into a shorter easier to say word “Unnastan?”. In either case, they mean “Can you understand me?” and should be only answered with a nod so as not to interrupt the flow of nigger talk (ebonics). This concludes today’s lesson.

Duke nigger rape screamer has multiple conflicting stories

May 23, 2006 § 2 Comments

{I call this first picture "The Third Grade"}
Why isn’t this Duke University rape bullshit tossed in the shit can yet? How many negative DNA tests does this retarded District Attorney need to convince him not to be such a pussy scared to death of niggers moron and to drop this case? Someone should read him the story of Tawana Brawley. C.Vernon Mason should sit down with this guy Mike Nifong and explain how he was disbarred and forbidden to practice law ever again in his life thanks to coming to the defense of a lying conniving good for nothing rape screaming nigger. This nigger is even more obviously a fraud than the Brawley case! This one has given so many conflicting stories nobody can even figure out which one is actually in the hands of the judges and the attorneys! Good God man drop this hot potato before someone jams it all the way up your stupid nigger loving ass! Come on Nifong, wake the fuck up. It’s a nigger looking to cash in on rich Duke University whitey! I gotta tell you, when ever anyone gives even an iota of credibility to a nigger’s story of victimization by whitey, I get so beside myself I could explode! Bad enough we have to deal with stupid niggers pretending to be human, we have to deal with stupid whitey who are afraid to tell them they’re nothing but apes and shut the fuck up and shuffle along…boy. What’s worse than a nigger? A white man who protects him from himself. Son- of- a –bitch

This is the asshole Nifong

What a fucken geek I am

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I'm the douche bag I used to make fun of back when I was cool. Now with age comes geekness and with a difficult marriage comes welcomed solitude. I always get a feeling of accomplishment when I successfully endeavor to create some sort of computer component by myself. I was virtually helpless when I began fooling with a 486 my father in law put together for us when I was first married. I figured out the basics…get on the internet and fuck around with search engines. First thing I found was a web site that detailed how to prepare a human corpse for consumption. That might be a clue of the kind of shit I was punching into the search box. Anyway, I am four computers past those early days and way farther ahead in search criteria. Today I got this external HD enclosure I ordered from cyberguys, but not just a HD enclosure. It also houses a CD/DVD drive, a 2.0 USB hub and a multi format media card reader. Not that I needed more space or an extra CD writer, but I do have an old AMD 350mhz Win98 piece of useless crap beckoning to be recycled and it seemed a shame to just junk perfectly good components. I'm the type who will usually just give shit away to clear more space in my junk pile but this time I got practical. So I put the thing together in my kitchen because I didn't want to lug it all upstairs until I was sure it would work. As with most things like this, my first tries don't usually go well. Well I'm proud to report to those of you who could give a shit the thing went together and functioned as it was meant to function after the first try. So I'm happy with myself. And just so as not to disappoint my loyal readers who expect some sort of reference to niggers and why they are usually somehow responsible for any malfunctions, must be the niggers were asleep while I was building this thing…which reminds me of a little scenario I once came up with to explain to a young boy (my brother's girlfriend's 11 year old son) how technology came to be on such things as dish washers, frost free refrigerators and gas stoves that lit without a pilot flame. Little tiny niggers working in chains inside the freezer…working in the dark constantly chipping ice from the freezer walls, hundreds of tiny niggers in bathing trunks with brushes and hoses washing baked on food from our pots and pans, or hiding in the back of the stove with those long butane lighters ready to ignite a burner as soon as it is turned on. See kid, we never really freed the slaves, we just shrunk them. The ones who wouldn't shrink went on welfare or sold drugs on the streets. The kid was mesmerized. He drew a picture of his interpretation of frost free freezer technology for his art class and was sent home. I'm such a great influence on kids. Too bad I never had any of my own huh? I would home school the hell out of the little bastards.

Cunnilingus Rice

May 23, 2006 § 1 Comment

I think the big guy is sleeping with an ape. The subtle glances. The longing in their eyes as they gaze at each other. I think therein lies our problem with this administration. Our leader is in bed with apes. No wonder his judgment is clouded on issues of the people when he is obviously more concerned with the animal kingdom. This administration has employed more chimps than any other in the history of this country. It's all becoming clearer now. Our leader is a nigger lover. Literally!

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