Berserk Congressape is back in the news

April 24, 2006 § Leave a comment

McKinney the arrogant nigger is at it again. She continues to refuse to even comment on her incident with the capitol police, claiming to want to concentrate on the important issues of her constituents. Hello…someone wake up the apewoman…her primal behavior IS the important issue of her constituents! Now she makes another boo boo and once again expects it to be covered up and swept under the carpet because of her status as a congressape. She forgot to turn off her microphone after an interview where she was axed unexpected questions. On her way out she called her aide a "fool" for not informing her of what questions would be axed. When she realized her mike was still on she returned and ordered the press to disregard what ever was recorded after she left her chair for the interview. What arrogance. Why would the press disregard a hot story especially when it was all about a disruptive uncooperative arrogant nigger? I guess she forgot all about that freedom of the press thing. I guess she figures it's racism, I'm sure. They would disregard her rude comments if she were white, right? Some niggers will just never learn. We'll be hearing from this gorilla for a long time to come. She won't go away.

National Review columnist Jonah Goldberg used the opportunity to trash McKinney as "dumber than rock salt and more repugnant than Yasser Arafat's three-week-old underwear." This crude level of discourse was maintained by syndicated columnist Kathleen Parker, who wrote, "McKinney is a dangerous fool whose voice needs to be stifled." Throwing in as many gratuitous insults as possible, Parker added that McKinney is "dragging down the national I.Q."

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