Evil White Lacrosse Players

April 18, 2006 § Leave a comment

When will college aged white lacrosse players be dealt with? Obviously young white boys have a penchant for raping innocent defenseless nigger crack whore strippers. Why…she gave a statement implicating all the WHITE members of the Duke University lacrosse team, what more does a law enforcement agency need? Never mind there was at least one nigger male member of the team, who according to her, was not involved. When the time came to take DNA samples, the one nigger team member was skipped because as we all know…nigger crack whore strippers never lie. They say she arrived at the rape scene…a college party…bruised and drunk to do her "exotic" dancing. Exotic dancing…heh heh, yeah. When a crack whore stripper dances, it's not a strip tease…it's exotic dancing. I suppose you could call a drunken display consisting of a writhing monkey "exotic", I don't know. But wait a minute…the DNA evidence yielded no (zero) matches with what ever was crawling around in the crack whore strippers filthy dripping cum-drenched snatch pit. So what could possibly come next? A dismissal of the charges? Exoneration of the lacrosse team, whose entire game season was canceled because of the charges by one single accusation uttered by an obviously trustworthy crack whore stripper? No, not this time. See, there seems to be some fear by the District Attorney of certain nigger organizations accusing him of preferential treatment because the accused parties were white. Not because maybe perhaps possibly there was absolutely no evidence aside from the testimony of one certain crack whore stripper nigger that anything happened at this party involving these white boys. No, evidence means nothing to niggers. It would be racism if these charges were dismissed. Even though it is obviously an expected outcome, Jesse Jackson's nigger-saving group has offered to pay this crack whore stripper's tuition "even if it proves to be a hoax"!! Does the word Tawana Brawley ring a bell? They've offered a disclaimer! Will these niggers ever show any shame?

So the District Attorney ass sucking nigger fearing pussy loser still maintains a crime has been committed by these lacrosse players. No evidence. No DNA. Just the word of a filthy ape, looking for a free diploma. Here's hoping the community that votes this year for District Attorney takes into account this asshole's insistence to spend tax payers hard earned cash on a losing battle simply out of fear of niggers, NAACP and niggers. I bet his voting public is mostly apes, which would explain the absurdity of this entire situation. Sick fucken society we live in.

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